Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tis the Season

well hello everyone it sounds like you all have had a great week! its so good to hear from everyone! today has been a great day so far! dad that buck is flippin huge!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got so pumped seeing that buck!!! Elder Elmer was wondering what was wrong with me! haha that is a good elk that kade hit to bad he didn't kill it! looks like all of the Christmas decorations are going good haha! I am excited for Christmas this year for some reason! we have a tiny little Christmas tree in the apartment is has lights and everything! we are singing Christmas songs in the apartment and during the day I have no clue where I got this Christmas spirit from but o well. this week was a great week thanksgiving was good! we got a flat tire on our car, within the past two weeks our bathroom has flooded 3 times from the toilet of filling!!!! but it was just an awesome week!!!! so everything is the same with Brandon we are going to meet with him this week so keep praying for him! steve and sarah we meet with them on Tuesday and we were only suppose to be there for 15 mins so elder summsion could say good by but we ended up being there for an hour and 15 mins! and taught a lot of restored truths to steve! he knows so much about the church he just doesn't know that he does but we are making progress with him! Louie is as good as every he is so funny! Ethan is another progressing investigator we have he is 18 going to calvin college. he is from ohio. he moved here a while before I got he and started meeting with Elder Elmer and Elder Ereckson. Ethan had met with Missionaries before in ohio and want to learn more here! well he knows the Book of Mormon is true! he knows that the Church is true and wants to be baptized but there is one problem. His parents... his parents said that if he gets baptized they will stop paying for his college! which for calvin college is about $40,000 a year!!! so he is in a really hard spot! so please pray for him that he will have strength to keep pressing on and that his parents will soften their hearts so he can be baptized and they will still pay for school. next progressing investigator ( a progressing investigator is someone who we have meet with atleast twice and is keeping the commitments that we extend to them) is Fred!!!!!!!! he is awesome so Elder Elmer and his last companion have meet with him a lot before but when I got here he had a lot of trouble with things going on and we were never able to meet with him. well we finial meet with him this week!!! he is so awesome his story is that about 15 years ago he met with the missionsaries and had a lesson with them and at the end of the lesson they prayed and he felt the Holy Ghost telling him it was true! well for some reason the missionaries stop coming over and they stopped meeting. well 15 years later he still remember the name of the church and got on line and requested a bible from our church because he knew if he did that the missionaries would come over well they did!!! and started meeting with him again. that was at the first of the year! well now I finially got to meet with him and he is awesome! he has go through so much and is going through so much right now but through it all he knows that the book of Mormon is true!!! every day he wakes up at like 10 reads his scriptures tell he goes to work around 2 works til around 11 or 12 at night and reads during his breaks. then when he gets home he reads again. then goes to sleep and wakes up and does the same thing all over again! he went and bought a tablet so he could be like all the people at church he went and bought new slacks and white shirt and ties and sport jackets just for church! he really wants to be baptized but wants to make sure he is ready! he really wants to be baptized on Christmas because he said there is no better way to remember Jesus Christ on that day then to be baptized! that probably wont happen but we are going to try to talk him into the 27 of December! so hopefully that works! everything is going great here in Grand Rapids the ward in great and the work is really picking up! we are meeting awesome people! and it is just great! im so glad to be out here serving and I know its the right thing to be doing! I found out today that Elder Rugg went home............ it really hit hard for me. he had a hard time in the MTC but he said that me and Elder Johnson were the some of the reasons that he didn't go home... he really struggles being away from his family. if you all could please please please pray for him I would really appreciate that!!!! Well I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!! I am so greatful for this gospel and all that it has brought to my life! we will always have trials and tribulations but the Lord will always strengthen us enough to overcome those things! a really awesome scripture that the Holy Spirit directed me to this week was Mosiah 24 verses 10-16 I think I might be off on the verses. but it is when Amulon told Alma and his people that they could not pray! and if they were found doing that they would be kill. look for what happened and how they over come this trial! This is how we all can overcome our trials by doing the things that Alma and His People Did! there are 3 things they did look for them as you read those scriptures and tell me in your emails what you all found I love you so much all of you thank you for being the people that you are I love you all

Love Elder Braxtyn Dunn 
everyone if you have not seen it yet the church came out with a new Christmas video it is called he is the gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is amazing go watch it!!!!!!!

so this is the last picture of our district together! we are all from Utah except elder Anderson who is from Idaho falls( far right) Names from left to right Elder Brown (Springville), Elder Weyland (logan area) me, Elder Elmer, ELder Sumsion, Elder Newman (Ogden) and Elder Anderson. and this is a black santa that we found at a store!

I am Still thinking about awesome trucks out here in Michigan he is a sweet one I found the other day!and this is elder elmer after a long day!

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