Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Door Knocking

Well this week we did some door knocking and some more door knocking and some more door knocking! and taught a couple lessons. We were able to teach Josh Klock this week one on one. it was a really great lesson. We talk about Faith and how faith drives everything that we do! i think he is starting to come back but sometimes it is hard to tell. the whole family was at church on sunday so that was awesome! They are headed to utah this week to go to a wedding of a past elder so hopefully that will trigger something in them. they are super excited to go! We also had a lesson with Sis Jack a recent convert. The spirit was crazy strong during the lesson! it was amazing to see how she has changed and how she is growing in the gospel! it is for little experiences like that that make it all worth it. We talk to a family this week while we were door knocking. elder mills tried to start the conversation cause they were just sitting on the grass. they didnt say anything so i tried. and they told us they were pretty unsure about god right now. after that it all just came out. There was 3 people sitting there a grandma, a girl about my age, and a family friend i guess. as the grandma started to talk she told us about how they had just lost their grandson, friend , son , and boyfriend. He was 18. he died is a car crash 3 weeks ago. as we talked with them they had so much anger toward God that he would take him. as we tried to explain the Plan of Salvation. they just got more and more frustrated. Nothing really came out of it atleast that i know of but i was glad that i knew and that i understood the plan of salvation and that after this life it is not over! i know that God has a plan for us all what ever it may be! i hope you all have a great week
Elder Dunn
Elder Dunn and Josh Klock

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Jesus Christ didnt start your church!"

Well this week me and my boy Elder MIlls did a whole lot of door knocking! we had some rude people we had some crazy people and we had some nice people! One that we door knockied into was Carmen. she was there just cleaning the house but we started to talk about how we can find the one true church of Jesus Christ through all the different and crazy churches we see today! she said that she wasnt going to a church right now and that she would love to hear more. we didnt even have to ask her for her informantion she just gave it to us then she asked us for ours! it was awesome! she is truly prepared. WE were able to testify to a couple of people that we door knocked into about how we believe that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior and that Joesph smith is not the head of our church! i truly do know that Jesus Christ is the head of this church and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God as we testified to these individuals their countances booth totally changed because of the spirit that was there! it was truly amazing to see how are testimonies when given by the spirit can truly pierce the souls of those we are testifying too! Also that the Prophets and Apostles are truly called of God! I know that this church is True! i have recieved an answer from God and that is something that i can not deny! no matter what people say to me about the church or what not i will always stand as a witness of God In all times, in all things, and in all places! Because i truly do love my Father in Heaven and i know that my promise to him is that i will stand as a witness to him is all places! i hope you all have a great week and remeber that we are all witnesses of God in all that we do!
Elder Dunn

Bowling and aTreats with Josh and Kelly Klock

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Good and The Bad

Whats up Everyone! this week has been a good but bad week also! i will start with the bad. we had to drop about 4 of our investigators. which really was a bummer. these people just need to listen and pray for them self to know the truthfullness of the messages/ i could probably be a better teacher... well thats about all of the bad new now for the good stuff. This week was full of little blessing and miricales. we were able to meet with sister jack this week and man has she totally changed since she was baptized! she is super happy now and is very up beat all because of the spirit inside here now! things like that sure do make you realize that you are in the right place and a part of the true church! We have had a hard time find new investigators but this week while me and elder mills were knocking we were able to find some Solid potential investigators and just taked to some really nice people that hasnt happened in a while! last monday we were able to do the branch FHE that josh Klock had brought up the idea about! and it was a great turn out we had both klock familes there, 2 investigator, and about 37 people total! it was awesome the branch was the strongest in unity that i have ever seen it! it was amazing the next day we went and taught josh klock and his family and the spirit in the home was totally different! they all listened and the spirit was super storng and i know that it was because of the spirit that they had felt on monday! we also had a speaker in sacrament that was from Cedar and i also met another member that was from cedar. the one that spoke in sacrament has only been here for about 16 months. he is part of the piute tribe and shared one of the coolest storyies and testimony of his it was really awesome! the lord truly does put people in certain places for certain reasons!

Funny stories- 
Well this week we had an investigators mom tried to give us some spiked jello. I also want to be like my dad on his mission and decide to ride a bull! me and josh klock did it down at the blue berry festival. we also got to help build a float for a nonmember then got to ride in it for the South Haven Blue Berry Festival! it was pretty fun! well i hope that you all enjoy and have a great week thanks for all that you do for me and my family!
Elder Dunn

 Sister Diane Jack
Just teachin the kids my thing!
1/2 Mission Pday

Thursday, August 6, 2015


We had an awesome week this week! this week we had a half mission p-day! we played some kick ball with kiddie pools as our bases and also their was slippin slides in the middle it was awesome! This week we were able to see one of our investigators be baptized! Her name is Diane Jack she is awesome! the started teaching her before i got here and we have been teaching he since! she was a member before and has just made the process to come back! her testimony is stronger than ever! The spirit at the baptismal service was super strong! it was Awesome! that is the reason i am out here is to bring people closser to Christ! in any way i can! i know that i didnt do a whole lot for sister Jack a lot of it was all on her own but it was still an amazing experience! We also door knocked in to a lady this week. she didnt want to learn more but we ask if she needed any help and she said that the next day she would need help cleaning up from her yard sale. so we told he we would be back the next day to help her! She was very very grateful! so we came back the next day and helped here as i started talking to her i realized that she was having a very hard time with life and had been for a while. she told me how her and her son have lymes diesease and have hard it since 2007. She is in servere cronic pain and has been for a while at times it is very hard for her to breath and for her to do things so she was very greatful when we came over! we talked for a while about how i know one woman who had lymes for sometime and that she was able to be healed through doctors and through the power of God. she is a super amazing and strong woman! she reminded me of my Mom! i am so grateful for my mom and dad and all they have done for me! after we got done helping her she asked if she could have a Book of Mormon so we gave her one she also gave us her number and address because she was just at her families house up here! so she said that she would love to have the missionaries over that live near her! it was amazing to see how a small act of service brings people closser together and closser to Christ! there is a video on Mormon Channel under the youth section called Reach out with Love! it is an awesome video! i hope you all have a great week thank you for all your prayers!
Elder Dunn