Monday, February 29, 2016

This week was a pretty great week.

This week was a pretty great week! we had a lot of miracles here are there. But on i wanted to focus on was on a day that it was dumping snow! My Companion and i had been door knocking for a while and we were with out a car. We were headed back home through the snow and a car pulled over and asked if we wanted a ride! we said we would love one! so we jumped in and started talking with the guy. His name was Ian. as we started talking to him i asked if he had talked with missionaries like us before. and he said yeah i use to be one, in South Korean. This kind took me back and i didnt know if it was for another church or for ours. On our way back to the appartment and he asked us if we had had dinner we told him not really and he said why dont i take you out to get some. We went to dinner at Bob Evans and had a nice dinner with him. after a while of talking i asked if he was a member of the church and he said he used to be but not anymore. then that conversation ended there. After the nice dinner he took us home and dropped us off and said hopefully you guys have a great week and you can tell people that a crazy former member took you to dinner. we left him a card and our number and told him to call us if he ever needed anything. as we went into the appartment i thought alot about this experience. I first wondered why he had left the church or what had happened in that case? then i wondered why as a former member of the Church he stopped to pick us up? I am very very grateful for this mans Generosity to pick us up and feed us! he truly had a great heart! Im still not sure what to think about this experience but for some reason it has touch me deeply that someone, even though they have left and have fallen away are still amazing people I just hope that some day he finds his way back to the Lasting happiness that this gospel can bring! John 14:27
Elder Dunn

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This past week went really well! we have been teaching a guy from Cuba. He is awesome and has gone through some crazy things in his life! he has started to believe in God and is truly looking for the missing link in his life and he is finally starting to find it! He is truly Changing! the spirit in his home is always very strong it is just a little by little process. he is truly trying to build a relationship with God. But before he can do that or before any of us can do that we must know who God is and how he works! so that is what we are working on with him!
Audrey is doing great! We helped her move this week. she stayed in the ward. She is supper solid, we set a date to go to the temple with her and we started doing family history with her and one of the members! And she is on a roll! she texted this morning and talk about how in church yesterday we talked a lot about personal revelation and revelation and prayer, and that how it was her goal to read then to write things in a journal after she studies every day this week! it truly is a testimony builder to see what God can do for us when we are truly wanting to change! 
The work is Real! The Gospel and Church is real if it wasnt then there would not be so much opposition i against it! We have had a lot of persecution this week concerning the Prophet Joseph Smith. But the Prophet Joseph Smith said, "When I do the best I can—when I am accomplishing the greatest good, then the most evils and wicked surmisings are got up against me. … The enemies of this people will never get weary of their persecution against the Church, until they are overcome. I expect they will array everything against me that is in their power to control, and that we shall have a long and tremendous warfare. He that will war the true Christian warfare against the corruptions of these last days will have wicked men and angels of devils, and all the infernal powers of darkness continually arrayed against him. When wicked and corrupt men oppose, it is a criterion to judge if a man is warring the Christian warfare. When all men speak evil of you falsely, blessed are ye, etc. [see Matthew 5:11]. i know that to every action there is an opposite or equal reaction, so everything we put into the work of God is going to come back to us in the form of adversary from satan by what ever means it maybe! i hope you all know that we can overcome any Trial through the love of God and through obey his commandments that are here to protect us! 
Love you all and thanks for all that you have done for me!
Elder Dunn

Monday, February 8, 2016

Audrey's Baptism

This week was a great week! we Had tradeoffs with the zone leaders, a lot of door knocking and a baptism. Alot of this week that i have been reflecting on is What image do i put out as a Representative of Jesus Christ? Am i striving to be a example of the believers, and i striving to be a example of what i truly believe and who i truly am? As we door knocked this week a guy from cuba let us in! we thought o great here we go! But as he let us in he showed us two Book of Mormons that he had. as we got to talking he was really sure if there was a God. but then he started to open up and talk about his family and how his house is like a temple like the ones in utah. we started to explain what God can do for our families and how they can bless us! Then he said you know i will always let Mormons into my house! because there is something different about them, and i know that they would never bring bad in to my home! the spirit was so strong!. we told him that we had to go but when we come back on tuesday we would teach him what that difference was! and he said no i want to know now! after explaining that we had to go he let us go. then he said ya know i always learn something when to mormons come over. so we asked him what he learn and he said that he learned that for some reason God had sent us to his door for a reason! we left him Alma 32 to read about how if it is a good seed it will grow Just like he is growing as he learns about this Gospel!

Audreys Baptism Was awesome She is truly amazing! she texted us last might and talked about how she felt an overwhelming feeling when to Holy Ghost was given to Her and that it was a feeling that she couldnt describe! and how she is supter stoked to go to the temple! God really Does place people in our paths for a reason! The blessing that Come through this Gospel and through Jesus Christ and Faith are inumerable! all we have to do is have with which is a belief that leads to Action in what we believe! love you all and i hope you have a great week!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Great Week!

This week was pretty solid! we found new investigators and we taught a lot of lessons! We taught Audrey this week and she is solid! she is super stoked for her baptism! It has been cool to she the change in her from when we doorknocked into her til now! she was truly Prepared! she has names that she already wants to take to the temple! God truly does prepare people for us to find! i hope that you all have an amazing week and remember the Spirit of grattitude! The things that God has given us is in numerable! I invite you all the say a pray sometime this week and do it only in Gratitude then reflect on the things you have and the Spirit you will feel i promise you it will change your perspective on life! i love you all and i hope that you have a great week!
Love Elder Dunn