Monday, January 26, 2015

The Week of Miracles

What's up Honkeys? (that was for you Palmer)  this week has been full of miricales and it has just been amazing! so lets start of with Ema. she is an investigator that we have met with once. we taught her the restoration and she didn't really understand I don't think when we taught her. She is a 60 year old native American woman by the way. well we got back in contact with her again and we sat down and taught her the restoration again. I realized that with the lessons me and elder Elmer were teaching they didn't really have any purpose to them we were just teaching to teach. so that has been something I have been working on in extending commitments to the people we teach so that they have that chance to change. so at the end on the lesson with ema I invited her to be baptized when she came to find out if these things were true and she said yes! it was awesome to see that when we invite people to change for the better they accept it but if we don't invite them then there is no chance for them to change. her date is for feb 21st. Next thing is Thursday we were able to stop in and see steve and sarah again. we didn't have a lesson but it was cool to see them and to have steve talk with elder bloskas a little bit about his concerns! we are hopefully meeting with them this week on Thursday at 7. so that was a miricale to be able to see them. next is Friday! we knocked a street by our apartment that we had been feeling like we need to knock for a while. so we went and knocked it and found a couple potential investigators but you will see later why this was so important for us to knock that street. then Friday night we get a call around 8:40 and it was the bishop from the Holland ward ( about 35 miles east of us) and said that a member had requested a blessing for her mom who was in the hospital from a stroke. the hospital is about 6 miles from us and it being that we have to be in our apartment by 9:30 we had to call and get permission from our zone leaders to go cause we would not be back by 9:30. so we called them and they told us to find members that could go and if we couldn't then call the assistants to the president. so after about 25 mins of trying to find members we called the assistants. after they didn't not answer how many times we called the zone leaders back and told them what was going on. while talking to them the assistants called back. we told them the situation and they said to call president and ask him so we called president Jacobsen. and he gave us the permission to go and give this blessing. when I had receive the call from the bishop I knew right then that I would be giving the blessing and I knew that I would tell this woman to be healed and I knew this through the Holy Ghost. it was pretty amazing. so when we got there we had to called the grandson of the lady in the hospital so find out where she was. his name is zeke. we called him and got up to the room and met him and his girlfriend and the lady we were going to give the blessing to. she is an amazing woman. so we told zeke and verra (the lady with the stroke) how the blessing would go cause they are non-members . and zeke said I am very familiar with this my good friends are from your church and I play basketball all the time with them. and he was really respectful and he was calling everyone he knew from the church brother and sister. so he knew the church pretty well. any way. I gave verra the blessing. verra is also unable to talk because of the stroke she can mumble some words but not much. in the blessing I told her to be healed and that she would be able to live a normal life again and that she would speak again it was truly amazing. after the blessing she was already talk better and it was truly amazing. then we told zeke and his girlfriend about our church and they both invited us over to their homes to teach them more and we picked up 2 new investigators. it was another miricale, then on Saturday we had planned to go door knocking for a while cause we hadn't been able to almost all week... except that one day. and so we thought we would go finish on that road and we would check up on the potentials we had found. so on our way there I felt like we should stop and knock on a couple houses so we did. no one answered on the first to houses. but on the third on someone did. a younger lady answered and she said on minute please. after a min or two later her husband came to the door and we thought o great. we started talking to him and the next thing we know is he invites us in. he said teach me the things that you would teach me in the first lesson and show me why I need your church. and he said I know people of your faith they are my good friends. but I am a minister for the calvary church ( one of the biggest churchs in grand rapids) and he said teach me why I need your church. so we taught him the whole resteration! right there his wife came cand joined in and she loved us! we had a great discussion and they are both really open to the things we taught them and they are truly prepared for us to find. the believed everything we said they just had a hard time with why baptism is essential and that they are nervous about the Book of Mormon being another gospel that in galantians 1 in the bible that it warns about. but they are looking for the truth it is really cool! their names are Arron and Emily. and at the end of the lesson. Arron prayed and asked the know the truth of the things that we are teaching it was really cool cause we didn't even ask him to he just did!!! it was awesome. The Last miricale is ethan. who is getting baptized of February 7th. he called his parents last night to tell them that he is getting baptized and the call went well. his parents were up set and they thought that they were going to loose their kid for ever. but he stuck his ground and didn't let anything phase him. they didn't completely cut him off like they said they would but his grandma is going to stop paying for his school. and his dad is taking him out of his will. but they are going to transfer him to another school and he is going to have to get a job and provide for him self. then he texted and said. so there's that. still going strong though I have found a foundation on God and I will not be shaken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this kid is awesome!!! so his date Feb 7th still stands and we are looking forward to it! this has strengthen me tremendously and has help me I will always pressforward and ethan does because I have a foundation on God! "I WONT BACK UP! I WONT BACK DOWN! I WONT GIVE UP! I'LL STAND MY GROUND! FULL THROTTLE WIDE OPEN! THATS THE ONLY WAY I KNOW!" -Jason Aldean  I love and miss you all !
 Love Elder Dunn
Elder Nathan Brown's Birthday celebration

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Favorite Missionaries

Thought you would enjoy this picture of your sons, two of our favorite missionaries. Had them over for dinner last Sunday.. They are a joy and a delight to have in our home. They are such outstanding young men and doing FANTASTIC as The Lord's Missionaries. Thank you for sent your sons on missions.  We love them!  God Bless, 
Bro. & Sis. Thaler, Lowell, MI

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday

Well whats up everyone?! it has been good to here from you guys every week! a couple of cool things happened this week! lets start off with our new investigator named Terignon ( terry-on). He is Awesome! so Elder Elmer and Elder Peterson met him last week and terignon had some sweet questions. his questions were everything that we answered like- why do we praise Jesus is God is the Father?, what is hell? where did we live before this earth? How do we know what is Truth and is the bible is true? and he just had all this great questions. so Me and Elder Bloskas taught him this week and it went really good we didn't have a whole lot of time but it went great! We told him that this church is the true church and that it is the church that Jesus Christ sent up 2000 years ago when he was on this earth! then he said I have a question, what was happening here is the Americas 2000 years ago! and we said well we have an answer for that! ( The Book of Mormon). it is really cool and he is truly prepared for us to find and to teach! we finally got back in touch with Fred! is was awesome. so fred really hasn't been him self since after the baptismal interview! he lost that light that he had and he lost the drive that he had and he was just a completely different person! he even looked different to me! well we finally got a hold of him again and we were able to me with him! it was a great lesson it was a lot on hope and perseverance! and at the end of the lesson Brother Goats ( high priest group leader)  ask fred about what he thought about getting a blessing. and fred said yeah I think that would be good! so we gave him one. brother goats gave it and in the blessing it said fred be uplifted and regain the light you once had! and as soon and Brother Goats said Amen. Fred was back he was happy he was laughing and he had regained that light that he once had and it was amazing! he came to church on sunday and he still wants to be baptized soon he just wants to make sure he is ready. so another sweet thing is I don't know if any off you remember ethan valentine if not he is one of our investigators. he has been meeting with missionaries for about 8 months. he knows the church is true but he is having a hard time with getting baptized cause if he does his parents said that they would cut him off from his college funds and pretty much disown him. well elder Bloskas was talking to him yesterday while I was taking investigators home and he was kinda joking with him saying so you are going to get baptized soon right and you just tell me when and it would take about  3  hours to feel the font. and ethan said well I almost will take you up on that offer. and Elder Bloskas said k well when do you not have track meets and ethan said the 31st of January and 7th of February. and ethan said well the 6 of February is my birthday so it would be cool if we did it on the 7th. so elder bloskas said ok the 7th its is. and then Elder Bloskas said all joking aside do you really think you could prepare yourself for that day and be baptized and ethan said yes I do! it was awesome! so ethan is going to call his parents soon and tell them that this is what he knows he needs to do and this is what God wants him to do! and just go from them it is awesome! well another thing is we watch a coulpe drug deals go down this week. pretty much everytime we go down town we see them happen. only this week we saw them do down 10 feet from us. and the guys that made the deal saw us and thought we were the cops! so he can over to us and asked if we were 5-O we told him no we weren't then he asked us for 10 bucks and we told him that we didn't have 10 bucks. and brother banner was with us. then this guy started rippin into us and saying horrible stuff about brother banner . well I open my mouth and said you know what man.... then I stopped and the spirit said close your mouth and walk away. so that's what i didn't. we just walked back got it the car and drove way! it was awesome! well it has been a pretty evenful week i love you all and i hope you guys all have great weeks! i know this church is true! and i know missions are flippin had but it will be worth it is the end!
love Elder Dunn

i found the geo the other day!!!
and this is the crew!

Monday, January 12, 2015

a new adventure

this week has been really awesome! and have been able to see a lot of miracles! first things though look up Barbara Ann Pawson on facebook and she post pictures of all the missionaries in the stake! she is from the Wyoming ward! she is awesome the first picture of me I am with elder Derricott he was the assistant to president Jacobsen when I got here and now he is my zone leader! he is awesome! so this week we were able to see some really cool miracles. number one- the little girl that has cancer we were able to go and see her this week again she was in the hospital again. we went and visited here and started talking to her family cause we had not heard from them in a while. so as we were talking to them they keep telling us thank you for all the prayers that we have said for Aylssa the little girl! Then they said this.... We know that the prayers have been working! we wanted to tell you that 8 days after she had been diagnosed with Lukemia the doctors ran test on her and her cancer was down to 1%! they said that the doctors have never seen anything like it in their lifes before. That's when me and Elder Elmer remembered that the day after she had been diagnosed with cancer was the Day that we gave her a priesthood blessing! and in that blessing Elder Elmer told her to be healed!!! I have such a strong testimony of the Priesthood! I know that it is the power of God to Act in his name! Next was the mom of the little boy who has cancer! the little boys name is alex and his mom is casandra. and wholly crap! I have never seen anyone with as much faith and such a good heart than casandra does! it is amazing I cant even describe it! she is looking for a church to join and she just loves us! she wants her son to be baptized and wants him to grow up strong in a church! it was cool to see the spirit touch her when we were there she was just balling! well I cant really remember all the other miracles that happened I forgot my planner to look them up haha
Tranfers so we got our transfer calls on Friday. when president Jacobsen called I was actually in the bathroom and Elder Elmer didn't think to tell President that so I was trying to talk to him through the door well president realized what was going on and said he didn't want to talk to anyone who was in the bathroom and said he would call back. so when he called back he told elder that he was going to traverse city and that I was staying there and that my new companion would be Elder Bloskas. Elder Bloskas is awesome I am staying here is grand rapids and he was already serving in the ward just a different part of grand rapids. it was kinda weird that they did it that way but that was how it happened. I have been on trade offs with him before and we had actually talked about how we would have a good time if we were companions! we get along great already and I think we will have a couple of baptisms for sure this transfer! Elder Bloskas is from Texas he is a convert of about only 1 year and 1/2 ago! he has a pretty crazy story he is out here on a mission against his parents will. his dad is actually a minster for the Church of Christ. so he parents did not want him to be baptized and kinda disowned him. but his parents have come a long way and are doing great now and don't disown him and are really warming up to the Gospel it it really cool to see! I am excited for this transfer and I know that this church true!  I am glad to be out here on a mission even though it is hard I know it will be worth it!
I forgot to say. louie is still the same still coming to church. fred is not doing good we have not had contact with him all last week. we have found some new potential investigators but we will see!
Love Elder Dunn
 this is anthonys truck the potential investigator that we found by his truck
this is how it goes down it grand rapids michigan

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years

for new years eve we meet with a couple of people then went to brother banners house for a while! fred is doing really good it is really hard to meet with him to set up another date to be baptized we just have to get him to church and figure out his work schedule and then he can be baptized! thank you for the fast that you all did!!!!
Hey every one im so sorry i don't have time to write my weekly email but here are some pictures from the last little while!
1. this is brother and sister banner's at Christmas!
2. this is gas prices out here!

this was Christmas Eve with the Chinos. Ogilvies and the Hancoks!