Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week

This week went really great!!! it was good to hear from the Family and it was good to have a couple of days with a break! So fred Did not end up getting baptized we were able to teach him all of the lessons and have him interviewed but he smoked a cigar last week when he was feeling stressed out! so he has to wait a week to be baptized! but we lost contact with him after the interview and he wont call us back so please pray for him to be baptized! and that he will call us back. not a whole lot happened this week but two missionaries did get drunk last night from a members dinner!!! and i mean legit drunk! so these member made some soup. and both of these missionaries had two bowls of it and at the end they said that was great soup what was in it! and the members said beef broth and chicken and liquor! well when you have so much liquor and alcohol people think it cooks out and it doesn't! so the called us and told us what happened and we thought they might have been just exaggerating but these are the most innocent missionaries that they weren't on the phone talking to them their speech was off and it was so funny the said they had splitting headaches and that they could not stop peeing and that they had just spent 30 mins rolling around of the floor laughing at nothing!!!!!!!!!!! we called them this morning and they said they were sick to their stomaches and that the had cold sweats and that the could not sleep at all last night!!!!!! that was the highlight of my week!!! i love you all and i know that missions are hard but in the end they are worth it! i love you all!
and thank you all for your Christmas Presents!
Elder Dunn
 This flag is a tender mercy from a friend that we found outside the Dunn home on Christmas day.
The note read We wish you a Merry Christmas Thank you for sharing your Missionsary so that others can learn of our Heavenly Fathers Plan.
This is the text message picture we received on Christmas Day for Brother Banner in Michigan.
We are so grateful for him and all he does to take care of the Missionaries!

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