Monday, February 23, 2015

Staying in G Rap

well we got transfer calls on friday and i am staying in grand Rapids for another 6 weeks! i am excited! it has been good here! the ward is awesome and so are our investigators! one thing that did change is that our area got bigger! so we not cover the city of Rockford Michigan as part of our area not too! that will be nice cause its out in the COUNTRY! so we can do some COUNTRY knockin! with all the old timers and farm boys! im stoked! but everything else is doing good! lyndsay is doing great she just called it of with her fiance cause she wants to put her faith first! she is sweet! Fred is struggling we caught him smoking. so thats not good. but everything else is doing great! it has been frezzing cold this past week! it dropped below 0 a couple of times! last week me and elder bloskas went and bought some ropes and on our free time at night after planning and on pdays we practice our ropin! and we rope brother banner he gets a kick out of it haha. he says we suck but i think we are pretty good! the work is progressing though in Grand Rapids the ward is starting to get in that missionary mind set which is a huge step for the ward! things are looking bright for the future! in the last year the ward has had 4 baptisms from missionaries and 3 of them have been while i have been hear! i know none of it was me it was all the lords work! because this is his work! i know this is where i am suppose to be! even though things are rough sometimes i will learn though my downfalls and shortcomings and the lord will make up for the rest! i love you all! thanks for all that you do!
love Elder Dunn
 This is a member of their ward that was baptized awhile ago and had the opportunity to go to the temple this last week


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Words don't even explain!!

Well Holy Crap this Week has been hard but amazing at the same time! to start of with we went to the temple on friday and it was great! we were  able to have a great time. i was able to feel peace and not stress for one of the few times on my mission! haha Bro banner is crazy as ever! he gives me more and more crap every day! but what ever. Well To the amazing part of last week! i will start from the first! so 3 weeks ago we got a refferal from church head quarters! Our refferal secratary actually called us and said she had a new refferal for us. she said that she had just talked to a women on the phone for about 30 mins and that she was golden! so we thought sweet we will contact her right away! so i called and no answer... well we thought that we would try later that week so we called her all that week but she never answered. the referral secratary said that this girl Lyndsay would be out of town for til the following sunday so we just figured thats why she was not answering. Well that sunday we finially got a hold of her she said she had just got back from colorado and she would love to meet and the sooner the better! so we scheduled the apointment for tuesday at 9. so like always we decide to take brother banner! so we should up that morning hoping for the best that she would just be there but we did not expect what happened next. we knocked and she was there. she welcomed us in and took us to her living room and told us to sit down. She then proceed to tell us her story from about three weeks ago and told us how she found the church. i will start her story from the first. She is 29 and has a boyfriend that lives in colorado. he is a green Beret is the army.  and they were playing on getting married in may. 3 weeks ago hey called her and told her that he was a member of the LDS church and that his faith was important to him even though he was inactive. and he asked her if she would support him in going back to church. and she said well i would but i dont want that kinda of marriage i want a marriage that we are right by each others side through everything! so i am going to look into the church! so she started talking to her boyfriends sister who is a member and started researching everything about the Church. as we were talking to her the spirit was amazing and she just wants to do what God wants her to do! we keep talking and she told us that she was 50 pages in to the Book of Mormon already and we asked what she had read and she told us all about Nephi and Lehi and Lehi's dream and it was awesome! it was amazing so we got into the lesson of the Restoration from there! everything just clicked with her and made sense! she then asked but how do i know this is true and how can i know i am feeling the spirit! and brother banner said i am feeling right now and just started craying. then elder bloskas had tears then she had tears! i bore my testimony of the holy ghost and it was just amazing! she is so prepared! we scheduled a lesson for thursday 2 days latter! we met with her again and taught the plan of salvation. and one of the first questions she asked was, " well if we have to come to earth to gain experience and a body to become like God, did God have to do the same on a different planet and does God have a God?!" what kinda investigator asks that! so we told her yes and she said ok makes sense! it was amazing! so we taught the rest of the Plan of Salvation up to the Earth life and left with a pamphlet. and invited her to church! and to come early so we could give her a church tour for her and her son parker who is 6. so they showed up to church and we gave them a tour! it was awesome! then we went to the rest of church. during sacrament me and parker drew pictures of monsters and he drew a picture of jesus i will send those later. then in gospel doctrine Lyndsay told us that after we have left her house on tuesday that she was reading the Plan of Salvation pamphlet about the atonement and it hit her! she said she just started balling! she realized what the savior had done for her! the she said she turn the page and it talking about repenting and so she starting pray and asking God for forgiviness of all she has done! She is awesome!!!!!!! it is amazing to she the gospel touch peoples lives like this! we are going to see them to night and have a family home evening with them! well i hope you all have a great week! love Elder Dunn
and transfer calls are on friday! so i will let you all know where i am going next monday if i am leaving!
 Detroit Michigan Temple

 the picture of Jesus that Parker drew and our monsters that we drew!

Monday, February 9, 2015

4 Months Down and an Amazing Baptism

Well whats up everyone! this week i was able to experience my first baptism and it was sweet i wil get to that in a min. The rest of the week has kinda been slow and a little different for some reason but it was good! we were able to see our investigator fred this week! and we were able to put him on a baptismal date again for Feb 21st the day after transfer calls! all he has to do is come to church next week and get re-interviewed and he is ready to go! if you all could please pray for him to make it to church and have the desire to do so that would be great! and if you could pray that his work schedule would work out so he can be baptized and confirmed that would be great too! So to Ethan's baptism! it was awesome! Ethan decide to be baptized against his parents will! he told us that why should he wait to be baptized and there is no reason why he should what to do the fathers will. so he called and told his parents and they pretty much cut him off. well he keep pressing forward through persecution and was baptized! know every thing is falling in to place little by little. his parents are talking to him again. they are talking to him about college and what might happen but they are starting to realize that he is their son and that they love him. Ethans girlfriend came from BYU to support him and so did her family who live in Ohio. his girlfriends dad was able to baptize him and that was really great! It was qutie and amazing experience to see how much the gospel truly means to him. i know that i use to take this church for grated but seeing how much it means to others helps me realize how much the gospel truly has played a role in my lilfe and that it is something that i should not take for grated! pictures are to come! i love you all and i hope you all have a great week! i will be emailing you this friday because me and elder bloskas and brother banner are going to the temple friday and that counts as our p day. so make sure you email before friday!

Elder Dunn

another sweet thing this week was we met frank! this is brother banners daughters dog he is huge and 150 pounds and he is only 3!

this is the missionaries who started teaching him and who baptized him! and his girlfriends family

Monday, February 2, 2015

First Baptism scheduled this week.

so i don't have a whole lot of time! but this week we are set to have a baptism for ethan Valentine! this kid is awesome! he has gone through so many hard ships by telling his parents that he is going to be baptized! but he is staying strong! the gospel is such a huge blessing in our lifes! i know i took it for granted until i came on my mission! out here i have realized how much we actually have as members of the True church of Jesus Christ! i would just invite you all to look and ponder what we truly have because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! it is truly amazing! i love you all and i hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Dunn
we did not meet steve and sarah this week... on Wednesday night they called us and said that they had talked and because of their faith they would not read the Book of Mormon and that they would not be meeting with us anymore... so that sucks but they will come around one day! when they figure out that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and another testament of Jesus Christ then they will be baptized I know they will. Ethan is going really good he is just still trucking along. and he is definatley ready to be baptized. zeke and verra are doing good and aaron and Emily were prepared for us we are going to try to see them again this week.