Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from Grand Rapids

so everyone wants up? sorry i didn't get to finish my email. so back to the story. we asked mike again what he thought about god and he said you know what i had a really crazy experience in the woods one time! and all i could remember was a still small voice deep inside me telling me something and i knew it was God talking to me! it blew mine and Elder Elmer's minds! then Cathrine told us about a really cool experience that she had had that was very similar to mikes! then we shared Helman 5:30, and it says exactly what mike and said and it blew his mind!!!! he just sat there in unbelief!!! it was crazy to see how the spirit was so strong there and how you could see there attitudes change from the begin of the lesson to the end! Mike told us that he knew there was a God and that he knew things happened for a reason! and he knew that because of cathrine ordering the Book of Mormon he was able to talk to us!!! it was really cool! we were able to meet with them again! and it was awesome! then satan got in the way this week... cathrine called us and said that her and her husband did not want to meet and more. so we think that see got antied by her husband. but we are still going to go try to see mike this week!!! I am so excited! Fred is getting Baptized this week!!! he is so prepared by the Lord. it is going to be awesome! Elder Johnson is coming down from Houghton Lake he was one of my other really good buddys from the MTC. Everything is going great here in Michigan! i love serving the Lord and i know it will help me through out my whole life! Brother banner wants to talk to you all on Christmas with me haha. i love you all! Merry Christmas!!!!!

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