Monday, May 25, 2015

transfere 6 week 1

Well this week was both long and short at the same time!. We were able to get more members out this week to lessons which really increase the work and the friendships of the investigators and members. over this past week i have realized how important the members are in the work! they help keep recent converts active and give investigators a social conversion to get them to church so they can feel of the spirit and blessings there. we were able to put another investigator on date this week his name is mathew and his is 10 his parents are members but he still hasnt been baptized so we are working with him. please pray for him and his family. we were able to see jacob this week he was actually in south haven and we were with brother banner and saw him and went and picked him up and took him home! we had a good ride and talk with him and he was able to share his experiences with brother banner. We had to drop roosevelt because he is headed back to the dominican republic soon. but we gave a refferal to the missionaries down there. the town here is starting to get packed! on saturday we felt like we were walking in disney land there was so many people it is crazy! we have had a good memorial day we went golfing with some members and had some good barbeque and are going to a less actives for another barbeque tonight to hand out with rob again. me and rob that lives next to the klocks threw a baseball for about 30 mins the another day and just talked. he used to be really good at baseball til he fell 60 feet out of a tree onto concrete. he messed up his arm really bad. but we talked about just life and how things happen for a reason. i truly feel like some day rob and his family will be baptized. but for now we are just being friends to them. he invited me back after my mission already and told me i better come and visit. well i hope you are all doing good i love you all! one thing i learned this week in studies is the testimonies we have are the most powerful tool we have. from just a small and simple testimony that said something like " I am not a great speaker but i can tell you that the Book Of Mormon is true and i know this by the power of the Holy Ghost" is what made Brigham Young join the church and realize that the Book Of Mormon was the word of God because the holy ghost had testified to him that it was true.
i hope you all have a great week
Elder Dunn

Monday, May 18, 2015

Good O'le South Haven

Whats up everyone i hope you all had a great week. This week me and my companion put 4 people on baptismal date with help from the Lord and the Holy Ghost. One of the Investigators that we put on date was Tim. we door knocked into him last week and it was probably the easiest return appointment we have every set! so we taught him the Plan of salvation 2 days later and put him on date for June 27. he is 22 and is trying to figure out what to do with his life he is truly prepared. we were able to meet with jacob this week again and he is still doing good! he is getting things in his life under controll and he is moving forward! we have been meeting with the klocks a lot lately which is one of the less active families! they are awesome and so are their neighbors. his name is rob and he is married and has a couple of kids! rob is the man! he is awesome he invented a machine to move 400lbs to 600lbs logs with only using one person! and he built the whole thing him self with the motor from a weed whacker! it is awesome. so on tuesday we helped him build that for a little while after we met with the klocks. then he invited us over for a barbeque the next night. he made his own smoker too it is sweet i will get a picture of these things and of him tomorrow. there are a lot of great people in south haven if only they would accept the gospel. we spent a lot of time find less actives this week in the back woods! and man is it back woods! it so back woods that we ran into some amish folk! our area is so diverse but it is awesome. we did some service this week and also helped mama toney mow her lawn. we had stake conference this week. and on the saturday evening session President Jacobsen talked in his talked he talked about Joseph Smith and how he was deffinatly a prophet of God! he told us and showed us all about how Joseph Smith prophesied about the civil war 30 years before it happened in Doctrine and Covenants 87. i know that he was a prophet of God! i know that this church is true and that no other church has the Authority and the power from God to act in his name! i am grateful that i am able to serve the Lord for Two years and i hope all of those that are searching for more purpose in you life just read Alma 34 in the Book of Mormon and You will be directed on what to do. hope you all have a great week!
Love Elder Dunn
This is what the Mailman/Young Men's leader in the ward writes on my mail from Cheyenne.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Jack of all trades

This week was a good week we had some lesson. we did some door knocking and we did some service and thats about it. this week we did a lot of service. we roofed a house, did some remodeling on a double wide. and we did some landscaping. i also heard dirt by florida georgia line so that made the week that much better too. we had tradeoffs this week. On Tuesday me and Elder Nicholls were in South Haven door knocking. we had had some luck but not to much. We knocked on a door and a lady answered and was crying and she said its not a good time right now please leave. so we said we are sorry and she shut the door and we walked away. when we got to the end of the driveway someone came out front of the house, and said hey come back. It was the same lady that told us to leave. we came back and started talking to her. She apologized for being rude. she said right as she shut the door she said she heard one of us say Jesus Christ then see went into the living room crying and had remembered that she had just said a prayer for help from God then she said not 1 min later we knocked on her door. she said she was sorry for shutting us out. so we talked to her for about 25 mins about her and her family and how she was struggling and was super stressed out. we comforted her and got her number and left. it was truly by the spirit.  i knew we were there for a reason because two days before that i felt like we needed to drive down that road that she lived on but i didnt know why. then the next day i felt like me and elder nicholls should knock there. so we did and this is what happens! i know that the lord directs us in certain ways for a reason! i hope that you all realize that everything happens for a reason. sometimes it is hard to realize that trust me but we just have to be patience and wait til help and additional knowledge comes! love you guys hope you all have a good week!