Monday, December 8, 2014

What's Going on

Hello every buddy whats goin on? this week have been really good! the weather has been great the snow has melted and the work is progressing!!! this week we had some good and some bads. this week. This week Brandon dropped us. he said that he had still was reading the book of Mormon and praying about it and he had got an answer yet and did not want to meet witth us any more he wanted to keep searching for other churches. I tried to tell he that we wanted to meet with him again and that we wanted to help him learn how he can receive answers for his prayers and to know that the book of Mormon is true! is was really hard cause he was such a good investigator is was hard to drop him but he said he was not interested in meeting any more. Steve and Sarah are still doing good! Steve has almost read the whole book for the our search for happiness! and has highlighted it up and everything! but he will not read the Book of Mormon! it is very frustrating but we keep praying for them if you could to that would be great!!! we also meet another really awesome potential investigator and it is kinda a funny story how we found him. so it all started earlier in the day when we were with brother banner driving around I saw an awesome truck! it was a 2003 dodge cummins it was whitle with sweet rims and tires and the bummer was black from rollin coal! I wanted a picture so bad but I didn't have my camera! but later that day we were going door knocking and I want to go look at that truck again but we decide not to  go but then we seen the truck drive by so we looped around the block and we saw the truck there are we decide to go and look at it then we thought that we would go and knock on the door of the house and go and talk to the guy. so we went and knocked on his door and his mom answered we ask whose truck that was and see said her sons I felt like I should asked for her son but I didn't. lucky he came out from the other room and me and him just started talking about his truck and really just hit it off. after about twenty mins of talking about his truck we started talkling about the gospel. he told us that he was a marine and had been deployed twice in afganistan. he had been injured and lost part of his hearing and something happened to his foot im not sure what. but he said that someone had given him a book about God and how he has a plan for all of us and he bore his testimony about how he know that to be true! we told him that that is exactly what we talk about and how him and his boy can be sealed for ever! we are meeting with him this week again so I am super stoked! it was just funny because how we found him was because I like his truck. Another awesome thing is that we got to give a blessing to a little girl who was diagnosed with lucemia! I was just one of the most spiritual things that I have done she is only ten years old it was just amazing!!!! I will send pictures! I love you all you guys are great!!! I love that I am serving in Michigan!
love Elder Dunn
 Alyssa after we gave her a blessing
 this is another church and in grand rapids there is graffiti everywhere but it is kinda cool

 these are the couple of the different churches in grand rapids
 this is the hospital 

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