Monday, June 29, 2015


Well this last week was pretty good! it was slower but we had some great lessons with our investigators and with some less active families! we just got a missionary back into the branch from chile and he is already fellow shipping one of our investigators and he is our new branch mission leader! this week we did some service for rob and we were digging around his holding tank for his well that was pretty fun! i forgot my planner so i cant really remember what all we did this week. but things are flying by thats for sure it is crazy! this week we had transfer calls and Elder Mafileo is leaving and i will be training a new missionary! im pretty nervous but excited! we did do a lot of door knocking this week but no one wanted to meet.. email me some things that the gospel has done in your lifes so we can try to use some new finding ideas! i love you all and i know that this gospel is true! even though the world is changing the gospel does not! we have to hold true to the things that we are taught or everything else we did have will fall apart! i hope you all have a good week! 
Love Elder Dunn

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Well this week we had some people funny things and good things happen. We had trade offs with the elders in our district and i was with Elder Swainston. he is from logan utah. he is pretty awesome. we had a good time and taught some good lessons. On friday we had a great lesson with jacob about trials and why God gives them to us! We read with him in Ether chapter 12 in the Book Of Mormon and the spirit taught it to him so well it was sweet! it just clicked in his head about why we all go through trials in our lifes it was really cool. We had a great lesson with tim about the importance of church and he realized that he need to come to church but he still didnt so pray for him. we did some door knocking but we didnt find to many people. a funny thing that happened was we were sitting on north side at a little store waiting for jada so we could teach her a lesson. and about 6 beautiful daughters of god walked up to us. one came up and said hey do you guys have some advice for the soon to be bride? one of them looked at me and said how about you elder dunn i told her to keep God in her relationship. the soon to be bride was very drunk and could hardly walk. then the asked if they could get a picture with us so we took a picture with them it was pretty funny. we had a great lesson with Josh Klock this week and i think we might have taken a huge step forward with him and his family! other than that the week was pretty uneventful we did do a little mudding in our car while we were trying to find some less actives so that was fun. i hope you all have a good week. in my studies this week i read in alma 22 where Aaron tears it up in missionary work. he asks great provoking questions then he asks a follow up question then he extendeds a commintment and the one he is teaching follows the commitment with faith and he recieves an answer! it doesnt always happen like this but we can all do our part to ask the questions and to extend the commitments. because no one is going to change unless they are asked to do so. i hope you all have a good week! i love you all thanks for all you have done for me!
Elder Dunn

Me getting eating by the klocks dogs one is a great dane the other is a golden retriever.


Me and Fletcher

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Busy Week

over this pass week a lot of things happened! we were able to meet with jada again who is on date and on route to be baptized on June 27th! we are excited! We have another investigator that we knocked into about 3 weeks ago her name is Lorretta. she is in her 60s and is reading the Book of Mormon Very Strongly it is awesome!. are area is being very blessed right now! with teaching and finding. We found 5 new investigators last week! one of them found us. we were at a t ball game waiting for a member family to feed us dinner and some kid came up to me and shook my hand and ask how i was doing and i said good whats your name and he said tim. he asked if we were Jehovah Witnesses. and we told him no that we were mormons. he then told us he was 18 and that he had wonder about mormons and asked what we believed! we taught him the whole Restoration of the Gospel and the Whole Plan of Salvation! it was crazy! all right there at the game! we got his number and are trying to get a return appointment. We see another investigator who is 86 and black we mostly go over there to help him out with things and just read with him! he is awesome and one of the funnisest guys i have met. the other day he just stood up and started dancing then he tried to get me to dance with him it was pretty funny. We did a lot of door knocking and had some fun. O and we almost died too. Last night we were pulling into our driveway and we heard a weird sound and looked up at this giant tree that we parked under and the leaves kept coming closer and closer! so i slammed on the brakes and next thing you know half of the tree was laying 3 feet in front of us it was pretty awesome! i did dent the bed in our neighbors brand new truck and that sucked. so we called up our boy Rob and had him come over and we got it all cleaned up in about 40 mins! the rain is crazy here! and the town is getting packed. but just because of those things the Gospel doesnt change and it will always be true no matter what anyone else says! i hope you all have a great week and i hope you recognize how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives! we should be sharing it at every moment that we can!
Elder Dunn

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

week ? month 8

whats up everyone i hope you all had a good week! didnt have enough time to email last week but everything is going great! we helped out rob again last week. we went over to do service for him at his house and when we got there me and him started talking and he said ," you guys are here to bless people right" and i said yeah so he said well thats want i wanna do today i wanna be in your shoes. so we took firewood to the guy in the picture that looks like SI Robertson who broke his back a couple of years ago. then we went and cleaned up and old ladys yard with chainsaws and stuff. then we went and helped someone move a washer and dyer. it was a day full of service. Thats a lot of what we are doing in this area door knocking is not as effective cause it is a lot of tourist. We were able to meet with Jada this week who is one of our investigators with a baptismal date. she said that she had recievced her answer to her prayers and that she was ready to be baptized. We had a meet the mormons movie night with the branch and was able to get jada there but she wasnt able to make it to church. so hopefully we can get her to church this week. Rob came to the Movie night with the branch then we went and had dinner with him after words. he gave me and elder mafileo some great advice about how we should use our own personalites and our own skills and incorperate Jesus Christ in all we do and thats how we will bless peoples lifes. He told us that that is how he what he is doing with his softball team and people are coming closer to Christ through that. It was some great advice from a non-member! he truly is a servant of Jesus Christ even though he doesnt want to her the gospel right now. i hope that you all are having a great week! i hope that you share the gospel at every oppurtunity! we are having a hard time getting our investigators to church and going out with member so please pray for us in the help with that. i hope you all are doing good thanks for all that you do!
Elder Dunn

                                                  This old boy had some awesome boots!
                                                                      My new car!