Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

well hello everyone! how are you all doing I am doing pretty good the weather here is good and bad it is kinda like cedar! is snowed like 9 inches last week, then it was supper sunny and like 40's now it is pouring rain for the past like 3 days! last week was kinda a different week Monday we had zone conference then we had p day on Tuesday then on Wednesday elder summsion had to go to the dentist so those days we were not able to get a hole lot done. on thurday we weren't able to get a hole lot done either if was weekly planning that takes like three hours long it is were we plan for the whole next week! we were suppose to meet with steve and sarah but steve has back problems and was not feeling up to it. so that was a real bummer. he has been reading a lot of anti Mormon stuff so that is not good. he is reading the book of Mormon so that is good!!! he seems to be in 2nd Nephi cause he asked a lot about Isaiah and so that is good that he is reading it! it is very hard some times because they wont read the other things which we give them. they go online and look up stuff and all they find is anti stuff so that is hard we always joke about how some times we wish we could take away our investigators agency but we cant do that haha. Friday was trade offs I was with elder weyland. he has been out for 13 months and is really struggling with getting up in the mornings and having pupose for his studies. there are times when he will sleep in til 10 or 11. so he told the whole district that when trades off come we can do anything to get him up! so when he was on trade offs with me he wouldn't get up in the morning to I grad he sheets and pulled them off of him. he pulled them back on so I started to pull them again and he started pulling back and fighting me for the sheets so I said if you can fight ;me for the sheets you can get your self out of bed. so I grabbed his sheets and pulled him to the end of his bed til he almost fell off then he kicked me. it is a good thing that I am on my mission cause if I wasn't I would have pulled him all the way off his bed on to the floor and probably would have socked him cause I am not going to take his crap after that he went back to bed he rolled out of bed at like 9;30 any way on Friday me and elder weyland had a lot of appointments set up with Brandon and dave and Charles and martin and they all fell through. Brandons mom had went to the hospital and so he couldn't meet with us he said he had been reading the book of Mormon but didn't know if it was true yet. so the rest of the day we tried to meet with potential investigators. as we were in the hood checking on some investigators. we met two guys who were shoveling snow. we asked if we could help and started talking to them about the gospel. ones name was kevin he said he met with missionaries a long time ago but he said he would love to met with us again. the other guy his name was will he is homeless but it was so cool he here about his faith in Jesus Christ and how he knew everything happened for a reason! we taught kevin the whole restoration right there as we shoveled snow and he agreed to meet with us again it was awesome!!! we met with rich another investigator we had and taught him the whole plan of salvations and invited him to be baptized and he said he would but he didn't want to set a date just yet. he is 77 and a vet, and is also legally blind so he cant read the book of Mormon so we are trying to get it on cd for him. louie is awesome as ever!!! he comes to church every week and is learning the gospel and is reading the book of Mormon! it is so cool! he teaches us about the things we teach him it is awesome! he finially prayed with us with out chanting it was so cool! yesterday at church elder summsion asked if louie wanted a mint and he said sure. I also forgot to tell you that louie is a little slow not much but a little. anyway we gave him a mint and he asked if it was going to get him high and if it was like lsd. and we told him no but he put it is his mouth and started acting like he was high it was so funny I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. glen we have stopped seeing Elder Elmer was told by the spirit that we should stop seeing him. Danes dad told us to go away last time we tried to meet with him. for thanksgiving we are going to the competors who are members! anyway I got you package thank you so m,uch the rolls had exploded the soup jar broke open and the cheese went bad but everything else was good! im so glad to be serving the lord it is hard sometimes but it is the right thing to do I love you all and I hope you have great turkey day!!! o and we called Brandon yesterday and his mom is out of the hosptital and we ask how his reading is doing and he is in Jacob!!! we met with him 9 days ago and he is already in Jacob he just hasn't prayed about the book of Mormon! so pray that he will pray about it!!!

this is a street we were going to knock on last week and this is just outside of our apartment so that I don't have a lot of pictures for this week I will try to get more this week!!!

Today I had to get some information to Braxtyn so he asked me to call Brother Banner, He is a member that helps drive the missionaries around. He is a wonderful person he told me how much he loved Braxtyn and that he was so delightful. He said that he was very well prepared in teaching the gospel to all those whom he comes in contact with. Brother Banner said that he will cry when Braxtyn gets transferred because he loves him so much. I sure loved hearing this as a Mom. It is amazing how good it was to talk to someone who has contact with Braxtyn everyday. It was a tender mercy. Heidi

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

love ya!

well hello everyone sorry that i didnt email yesterday we had our first bad winter storm!!! we got about 10 inches of snow!!! so all the libraries were closed and all the other missionaries were using the computers at the church so we didnt get to email!!! but anyway this week has been great! we were able to put an investigator on a baptisimal date for january 3!!! it was our first lesson with him! we were able to invite him to be baptized and he said yes! we asked him how he felt about it and he said that he just had the chills during the whole lesson and i ezplained to him that that was the spirit telling him that what we were teaching him was true!!!! it was awesome! his name is brandon he is around 24 he is black and going to college. we met again with steve and sarah this week and it was sweet! that morning in our studies we really studied hard about the priesthood and got really in depth about it and studied where it came from and even talked about the levitical priesthood!!! it was crazy how in depth we got but with thought it was cool. but later that day we went to steve and sarahs and we talked about exactly want we studied that morning!!!!! we went over the priesthood and got way in depth about it! it was awesome because that was exactly what we had studied!!! he did read the restoration pamphelt and thought it was great! we aree meeting with him again on thursday! well sorry that this email is so short we have an appointment that we need to get to i will try to send pictures later today!!!! i love you guys so much! i am doing great so dont worry about me thank you for your prayers!!! i am so greatful to be out here serving a mission!!!! i know that it is the right thing to do i love you all you are amazing!!!!!!!!!

love Elder Dunn
everyone i also forgot to tell you that we saw three drug deals go down in 15 mins so that was cool haha and i found out that i can go shed hunting on p days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love elder dunn

 it snowed about 9 inches in one day and is stilll snowing!

 this are my zone leaders the white one is from nevada and is my twin he loves to wakeboard surf hunt fish and shed hunt he is awesome his name is elder williams. the other one is elder de la paz he is from chihuahua mexico he is a professional soccer player he played for real salt lake from his sophmore year in high school til he left on his mission and he gave up a million contract to play soccer so he could come on his mission!!! they are awesome!!!

 we have had two firetrucks come to our appartment in two days but this one was awesome it had a neon ladder!!!
 this is louie our buddist investigator!!! today he was so funny he told me that he thought i was a comedian!!!! and he said that he was going to build a snowman with me inside of it!!! he is one of the funniest people alive!!! those are fake dreads from his hat!

 this is brother banner he is amazing and drives us around every where!! he is a doomsday guy and always tells us we are going to get kidnapped by ISIS o and here are some crazy icicles at the church from just three days of snow!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Crazy Dayz

so my emails will be shorter from now on. the mission put a limit on our email time so we only have 1 hour and 30 mins to email. and nice week our p day is on Tuesday because a member of the 70 is coming to the mission. but to answer your questions im doing good! and thanks for the advice dad im glad you were able to find a good work truck! is it diesel? anyway not sure how david and dane are we have not seen them in a while. but steve holy cow is steve ready to be baptized!!!! a miricale happened with steve this week. and this is what most of my letter will be on. we meet with steve and his wife sarah a week an a half ago on Thursday and had a pretty good discussion with him and talked about the restoration with him. he really gets stuck on little details and he is stuck on how can angels or how could angel Moroni visit Joseph Smith in a bodily for and he really struggled with that. so we gave him a restoration pamphlet and I asked him to read the chapter on the restoration in the our seach for happiness book . but he said he would like to make meeting with us a weekly thing but he said he would call to schedule a time with us for the following week. so we waited for him to call us all week but he never call so we were going to give him a couple more days then call him but on Friday we got a call from the Rockford elders (Rockford is 30 mins from us) and they said that they just meet a steve that had been looking for us and trying to get a hold of us and couldn't and was really worried about us. so we said we would call him that night. we called him that night I was the one that talked on the phone to him. it was crazy!!! he told us that he thought that we were going to meet with him and his wife the day before but we never showed up. he tried to call us a bunch of time but the phone number would not go through and he said him and his wife were really worried about us/ he said they would watch the news looking for any crashed or big acciedents looking for our names!  then they said they were still really worried and kept trying to call for us but the number wouldn't work. but a miricale happened a couple hours earlier! the drove to Rockford and were looking for the eye doctors office that they were trying to get to but they couldn't find it but what they did find was the Rockford elders it was a miricale that they found them and were able to get back in contact with us. as we kept talking on the phone he said elder dunn I have a confession to make and I said ok what is that. he said he had been trying so hard to read the materials we had given the week before and he said he just couldn't and he felt like it was the holy spirit telling him not to read them. I was baffled I had no clue what to say..... so I just told him to keep praying and we would pray for him too. I hung up the phone and told my companions what he had said and we were just baffled. but Elder Elmer said I know that heavenly father has something huge in store for steve and sarah and that's why it was the adversary telling steve not to read what we had given him. I felt strongly that we needed to call steve back and explain to him that it was the adversary! but we weren't sure so we knelt down and prayed! I said the prayer and asked heavenly father what we should do. as soon as I said amen me and elder sumsion both said we need to call steve back. so I picked up the phone and called steve. he answered and I said steve we have been thinking about what you told us earlier and we know that the lord has something huge for you to do with his gospel and that it was satan trying to get him not to read what we gave him because if he read what we gave him satan knew that steve believe the things we gave him and he would believe in the gospel of Christ. as I was telling him these things the phone disconnected. satan is doing everything he can so that steve will not feel of the spirit I called him back and he told me that he knew heavenly father has a huge plan for him. he said heavenly father has saved his life before and he knew that he was put on this earth to help people and to heal people but he said that he just didn't know how quite to do that yet! he is so prepared because through the gospel he can do all of those things!!! steve is so prepared I just know that he is going to get baptized!!! but to answer your other questions the single dad and twins the dads name is brian but I cant remember the twins names but we and meeting with them tonight so hopefully that goes well. we gain our inspiration on what street to knock but first praying then studying a map and seeing which street stand out to us or which streets we are prompted to knock. slick louie is doing awesome he is really taking in the gospel and what we are teaching him. he is answering questions in the sunday schools classes and he is letting his buddist ways go little but little so that is good!!! dad that is crazy about that mustand his name is brother ferderber im not sure on his first name but I will send you his address next time. he bought an auto part busieness when it was in the hole and brought it back to life and sold it for millions I think he is in his mid 40's and retired! and no we don't have room for a dryer and no we don't need a drying rack we are ok but thanks! we went to gander mtn today it is a Michigan hinting store is was awesome haha it is crazy but I didn't buy anything haha. sounds like you all had a good week I love you all

love Elder Braxtyn Dunn 
 Elder Elmer thinking about cleaning up the mess he made.

 Getting ready for the Big Party.

 Celebrating Chey's Birthday!

 The New hunting store he found!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 2

so this week has been pretty crazy with the Spirit and the work we have been doing!!! so im just going to go from day to day and how things went.

Monday- so Monday was p day not a lot happened but I did meet and elder clark who is from logan Utah. he was very good friends with cheyennes cousions it was cool to talk with him. He has been friends with her cousin dayson for a really long time and he became friends with her other cousin payton. chey he said to have you call dayson and say " baby dayson elder clark says hi and he will know who you are talking about! it was cool to meet him he acts a lot like brady parry from cedar and it was cool to talk to him cause we got along so well.

Tuesday- Tuesday we felt like everything we had planned was just falling through the holes and nothing was going right. we were finally able to meet with a potential investigator named david kozertic. he is not all there but we tried to teach him the gospel and how it could help him in his life. he told us about how he was related to joseph smith and how he thought the BOM was a book that would help him find out who his family was. but you keep teaching him and invited im to be baptized in the first lesson and he said he would it was awesome. we have a lot of teaching to do but hopefully we can help him be prepared to be baptized. next we meet with steve he is a solid investigator! he ask all the right questions he believes in a lot of truth and he is just awesome we talked with him for an hour just in his drive way it was so cool and I am pretty sure he is going to get baptized it is just a matter of time. then we went to another house. we tried to meet with them but they were busy. but we were able to talk to their son dane. after we talked to dane elder elmer said that he is going to go on a mission it was awesome because me and elder sumsion felt so strong by the spirit that he is going to also! it was so cool to know that by the spirit!.

Wednesday- this was another crazy day haha we meet with another investigator that elder Elmer has been teaching. he has been keeping comitments and doing stuff that we tell him to do but he doesn't believe in a lot of things that we do. then he dropped the bomb that he was gay and got married in august to his partner so ya... that was akward. just glad his partner wasn't there but I guessing we will meet him soon... but that is one thing I need to learn and one thing that heavenly father is trying to teach me is that I need to love the people I am teaching even if I highly disagree with the things they are doing. but he is still doing the things we ask him to do so hopefully he has a change in heart. then we decide to go check on a former investigator in a different part of the town. we went to the house and no one was home and we couldn't figure out why the spirit told elder elmer to go there. but we looked down the street and saw a guy raking his leaves. and we decide to go and talk to him. it was awesome! he is a single dad who is really struggling he has twins who are 8 yrs old. he has a religion but is looking for something more and we told he that we had what he needed it was awesome. he said he would love to meet with us again and asked if he and his twins could come to our church!!! it was awesome hopefully he will be able to come this week he has been prepared by the lord to receive the gospel!

Thursday- this day was amazing! we meet with a recent convert named sis braylock. she is about 55, she has no hair, only two teeth, is an certified minister from the state and receives more revelation then most members do in their whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before we meet with her Elder Elmer told us that one time they went in to her home and see her and they started talking about the plan of salvation and see said that see already knew what is was because the spirit had already told her about it!!! that is crazy see teaches us so much. the other day she taught us scriptures about that told her that she will and that she cant wait to receive her heavenly name!!! it was crazy she was teaching us things about what happens in the temples and she has never even been and we have never even taught her about any of the things she told us!!!! it was crazy she just knew by the spirit is is just amazing it happenes everytime we meet with her! she tells us a truth and something in the gospel about how it works and we have never even taught her about it she just knows from revelations she gets! Elder Elmer said it is like she is an apostle it is awesome!!! next we went knocking on a street that we had prayed about the week before as we were planning for the week. as we pulled on to the street the first thing I saw was a silver chystler SUV and the spirit said go to that house! so the first thing I said was silver car we have to go to that house my companions said ok. it was crazy we knocked on 6 different houses doors and got rejected by every single person except the house with the silver chystler they spoke Spanish but we said that the Spanish elders would come over and they said that would be awesome. we ask the husband he was the only one that we talked to and asked if he knew anyone who needed a messaged of the gospel and hope in their life and he said his wife did!!!! it was amazing how by the spirit I knew by the time we first pulled onto that street that that was the house we need to go to! next we met with louie the buddist haha he is quite the character and he thinks im so funny haha. we taught him about agency. everytime we come over he has something from the gospel principal book he wants to go over! and it was agency we went on to teach him about this they he pulled out a buddist book and had me read from it and it was what the buddist believed about agency. he is crazy how he can relate what we teach him back to what he thinks because he is a little slower. so I read it and asked him if we make a bad decision how do we repent of it (we taught him this last lesson) and he said by praying and he said that we repent by praying and I asked how do we pray and he started his buddist chant which is nam-myho-rengae-ko (this means you worship the gohonza) or something like that and I said no Louie that's not how we do it and he said yeah it is he said elder dunn you just chanted 3 times and I said no I just read it out of the book you gave me and he said no you just chanted and that's how we repent! ( he is a very sly and smart man he tricked me on that one) then I said louie we repent by praying to Heavenly Father and so he said like this "dear heavenly father that night we went to steve and sarahs the steve that I talked about earlier is was such a good lesson it was a little sloppy but he believes so much that we do and it was so cool! I hope that he will get baptized he knows so much about the gospel already he just doesn't know he does!

Friday- wasn't the best day we knock and some houses and tried to teach and prebytiran I think he is haha. his name is glen. he is probably not going to convert. he came into his house and he had a bunch of questions for us about what we believed in. he thought we believe jesus had 3 wifes. and that we believed in a million gods and stuff like that it was crazy! but the rest of the day we just stayed inside because it was Halloween.

Saturday- the first part of Saturday we helped brother banner insultate his attic in his house it was awesome because I got to wear levi's and my camo underarmour hoodie so that was nice haha but it was funny but it took along time it was the blow in insulation but it was nice to take a little break from proselyting and do some service. brother banner has got to be one of the funniest guys we have met. will we were eating breakfast at his house he showed us one of his prezed possssions which was a bong that you would smoke weed out of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha it is so funny that a 64 year old man has a bong!!!!!! but he says its his water pipe and that he doesn't smoke out of it haha it is a hand made "water pipe" made out of glass and he paid $260 for it haha it is so funny houw proud he is of it! any way after that we met with sis lund who is a excommunicated member. we are not sure why she is excommunicated but we are teaching her. she is not all there is think she said she got hit by a truck and that is why but I don't remember for sure. she is such a sweet lady and wants to get baptized so bad but the bishop wants to be sure she is ready. she is awesome and she loves to read out of the BOM with us. next we knocked on a couple of streets. we were able to meet and invited around 21 people between calling and knocking that day! a couple said we could come back so hopefully we can!!! and that they will except the gospel!!!!

Sunday-church was awesome. we meet with ethan you is and investigator that really wants to be baptized but his parents said that if he does they will stop paying for his college he is in a really tought situation so pray for him please. later that day we meet with brother raue he is a member but he has pain induced seizures 6-12 a day so he cant come to church. he is a former marine he worked for the sniper division and he took out terrorist targets in the USA he is an amazing man he is so humble and is so strong in the gospel it is amazing and his wife is amazing too!!! he is headed to Utah this week for a wedding and to see his new grand daughter but he is scared for the plane ride because of his seizures and he is scared it will happen at the wedding and when he sees his grand daughter so please pray for him that those will be limited and he will be ok well I go to go I love you all!!!!!!!

Love Elder Braxtyn Dunn
 The Weight Room
 Living Room
 Braxtyn's Desk

 Blonde is Elder Sumsion
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 Elder Elmer


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