Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

well hello everyone! how are you all doing I am doing pretty good the weather here is good and bad it is kinda like cedar! is snowed like 9 inches last week, then it was supper sunny and like 40's now it is pouring rain for the past like 3 days! last week was kinda a different week Monday we had zone conference then we had p day on Tuesday then on Wednesday elder summsion had to go to the dentist so those days we were not able to get a hole lot done. on thurday we weren't able to get a hole lot done either if was weekly planning that takes like three hours long it is were we plan for the whole next week! we were suppose to meet with steve and sarah but steve has back problems and was not feeling up to it. so that was a real bummer. he has been reading a lot of anti Mormon stuff so that is not good. he is reading the book of Mormon so that is good!!! he seems to be in 2nd Nephi cause he asked a lot about Isaiah and so that is good that he is reading it! it is very hard some times because they wont read the other things which we give them. they go online and look up stuff and all they find is anti stuff so that is hard we always joke about how some times we wish we could take away our investigators agency but we cant do that haha. Friday was trade offs I was with elder weyland. he has been out for 13 months and is really struggling with getting up in the mornings and having pupose for his studies. there are times when he will sleep in til 10 or 11. so he told the whole district that when trades off come we can do anything to get him up! so when he was on trade offs with me he wouldn't get up in the morning to I grad he sheets and pulled them off of him. he pulled them back on so I started to pull them again and he started pulling back and fighting me for the sheets so I said if you can fight ;me for the sheets you can get your self out of bed. so I grabbed his sheets and pulled him to the end of his bed til he almost fell off then he kicked me. it is a good thing that I am on my mission cause if I wasn't I would have pulled him all the way off his bed on to the floor and probably would have socked him cause I am not going to take his crap after that he went back to bed he rolled out of bed at like 9;30 any way on Friday me and elder weyland had a lot of appointments set up with Brandon and dave and Charles and martin and they all fell through. Brandons mom had went to the hospital and so he couldn't meet with us he said he had been reading the book of Mormon but didn't know if it was true yet. so the rest of the day we tried to meet with potential investigators. as we were in the hood checking on some investigators. we met two guys who were shoveling snow. we asked if we could help and started talking to them about the gospel. ones name was kevin he said he met with missionaries a long time ago but he said he would love to met with us again. the other guy his name was will he is homeless but it was so cool he here about his faith in Jesus Christ and how he knew everything happened for a reason! we taught kevin the whole restoration right there as we shoveled snow and he agreed to meet with us again it was awesome!!! we met with rich another investigator we had and taught him the whole plan of salvations and invited him to be baptized and he said he would but he didn't want to set a date just yet. he is 77 and a vet, and is also legally blind so he cant read the book of Mormon so we are trying to get it on cd for him. louie is awesome as ever!!! he comes to church every week and is learning the gospel and is reading the book of Mormon! it is so cool! he teaches us about the things we teach him it is awesome! he finially prayed with us with out chanting it was so cool! yesterday at church elder summsion asked if louie wanted a mint and he said sure. I also forgot to tell you that louie is a little slow not much but a little. anyway we gave him a mint and he asked if it was going to get him high and if it was like lsd. and we told him no but he put it is his mouth and started acting like he was high it was so funny I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. glen we have stopped seeing Elder Elmer was told by the spirit that we should stop seeing him. Danes dad told us to go away last time we tried to meet with him. for thanksgiving we are going to the competors who are members! anyway I got you package thank you so m,uch the rolls had exploded the soup jar broke open and the cheese went bad but everything else was good! im so glad to be serving the lord it is hard sometimes but it is the right thing to do I love you all and I hope you have great turkey day!!! o and we called Brandon yesterday and his mom is out of the hosptital and we ask how his reading is doing and he is in Jacob!!! we met with him 9 days ago and he is already in Jacob he just hasn't prayed about the book of Mormon! so pray that he will pray about it!!!

this is a street we were going to knock on last week and this is just outside of our apartment so that I don't have a lot of pictures for this week I will try to get more this week!!!

Today I had to get some information to Braxtyn so he asked me to call Brother Banner, He is a member that helps drive the missionaries around. He is a wonderful person he told me how much he loved Braxtyn and that he was so delightful. He said that he was very well prepared in teaching the gospel to all those whom he comes in contact with. Brother Banner said that he will cry when Braxtyn gets transferred because he loves him so much. I sure loved hearing this as a Mom. It is amazing how good it was to talk to someone who has contact with Braxtyn everyday. It was a tender mercy. Heidi

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