Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's up everyone!

whats up everyone! it is crazy to think that transfer calls are this week and that i might be getting tranfered! it is also crazy to think that i have been out 6 months! things are going great! Our investigator Ivanko from brazil is awesome! this week we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he absolutley loved it! he really wants to see his family again and we told him that he will be able to see them through the gospel!  He is awesome! at the end of the lesson he prayed and thanked heavenly father for sending me and elder bloskas to him and giving him hope for the future, because he had lost all hope... it is truly amazing how the gospel can touch peoples lives! he brought his two kids to church with him on sunday and it was good and we are meeting again with him this week!  we also had a less active come to church that has not been in quite a long time! Her name is Jamie lucas and she is in her 20's. she has had a rough couple of months and had one of her closest friends die in a car accident and it pretty much just wrecked her. well we have been meeting with her for just over a month and she came to church yesterday and she even bore her testimony on how much she loved and wanted to thank 6 people to get her back to church Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost , then me elder Bloskas and Brother banner it was awesome. but other than that it has been a pretty short and slow week! we found some new good potential investigators and hopefully they will pan out this week! i love you all and i hope you all have a good week! i know i am out here for a reason even if missions are hard they are worth it! hope you all have a good week!
Elder Dunn

Monday, March 23, 2015

don't take it for granted

Well whats up everyone! this week had some disapointments but some good things to it also. the First huge disappointment was that lyndsay dropped us. she said she was going to go look for other churches. it was way hard cause we have grown close to here and it was said to see her make this decision. but I know none of the other churches are true so I am not worried about that she will come back sooner or later. well we picked up a new investigator his name is Ivanko. he is from Brazil. he has lived a very hard life but was introduced to the gospel by one of his friends. we met with him and put him on date for May 2nd. He is awesome he is 23. he fights MMA because that is what kept him out of trouble in brazil. but he is solid he came to church and it was awesome we are meeting him this week again and hope to help him progress toward baptism. other than that things are slow and we are just trying hard to find new investigators and help people understand that they need that restored gospel. we also went to the Lamb of God which is like a musical and that was good! but I know this gospel is true I know that every person we talk to we do it for a reason! things are hard but they are worth it. I hope you all realized what we truly have with this gospel and with the Book of Mormon! don't talk it for Granted! I hope you all have a good week
Elder Dunn

Monday, March 16, 2015

Well whats up every one how has it been going!
Last week on pday we were able to go bowling. and i remember at how bad i sucked at bowling haha. then on tuesday we had a zone training were the zone leaders taught us how to be better missionaries. so that was good then we had dinner with one of our investigators that we have had for a while that i have forgot to tell you about. his name is david strong. he has been investigating the church for a while now. he knows that the church is true and he knows that the Book of Mormon are true. he just has a couple of hold ups. how he found the church is that he make wood furniture for the temples.! and ever time he made a piece of furniture for the temple the pieces would always fit perfectly together and they were always amazing pieces. he said one time a dove flew into his shop while he was working on a temple piece and he felt like the dove was watching him and making sure he was doing a good job then the dove just flew out. it was a pretty cool story. wednesday we went rockford and door knocked there was one guy that we got really into it on the door step it was me and elder fisher who is from provo. we had a good day of door knocking then we finished the night off with going to texas road house for a good stake and ribs. then thursday we went to rockford again and door knocked. then on friday me and elder grover and brand new missionary went street contacting in downtown down by the college and talk to alot of cool people there was one guy that we talked to for probably 30 mins and had a great conversation with him but he did not want to meet with us. then we threw the football with some kids. then we had story time with a homeless drunk guy so it was pretty fun! on friday we had a family history day were lyndsay and her parents came then we went to a baptism with our investigator jerry which got him all pumped for his baptism! so things are going good. and i also had to give a talk in sacrament on grace. that was good. and we also helped in the primary and we dressed up as prophets! i hope you all have a great week!
Elder Dunn

this is me and elder Grover   

this is me is my noah costume.
 this is elder oldroyd at the elder then elder Wilson from Arizona and me and elder bloskas

Monday, March 9, 2015

Best Week in awhile!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was a week with miracles left and right and some interesting stories! On tuesday i went on Trade offs with the other Elders in our ward and had a alright day. I was with Elder White who me and Elder Bloskas have been struggling to work with. he is a good missionary but likes to do his things his way and his way only. but we had a great lesson with Their top investigator and talk to him alot about the restoration. and talk to him about his son who is playing baseball for michigan state! talk to him about my cousin Cutler and what a amazing ball player he was and we really hit it off the bat haha. and it was a great lesson. the Next day on Wednesday i went on trade offs with the spanish elders who are now in our district and were able to go to lessons and door knocking with them. it was amazing because as we were door knocking and teaching i knew what was being said and i could understand spanish and i could learn it very easy and i could talk to people from what i remembered from high school it was because of the Lord that i could do so!.On Thursday me and Elder Bloskas went to Rockford and went door knocking which i am starting to love to do cause the weather is very nice. but we picked up a new investigator that the rockford elders were teaching. He is very willing to learn the gospel and to find out for his self the truthfulness of this TRUE gospel. On thursday night we meet with Lyndsay. and we taught a lesson about the importance of the book of mormon and why she had not been reading it! it was a very powerful lesson and by the spirit! Brother Nelson an awesome member that we have in the ward. came to us with the lesson. after we talked to lyndsay about the importance of the book of mormon we all shared our testimonys! and was the spirit strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after that we all knelt down and prayed! and i truly realized what it meant to be a missionary and to truly desire for the welfare of our investigators! as Lyndsay prayed i could not help but smile through the whole prayer because it was so sincere and it was just amazing! On friday we had a lesson with Doc the investigator that we picked up last week. it was a good lesson. then later that night we called a potential that we Elder Bloskas picked up on trade offs. and we felt like we were walking into a ambush but we called. the guy said he would love to meet and that his purpose was to prove our faith wrong and to prove us wrong. and we told thim that our purpose what to prove our point and to have people pray about it. this guy was a student at a theological seminary in grand rapids. A little back ground is Grand Rapids has the largest  anti mormon groups in almost the whole world! but a lot of their beliefs are false! but we set up to meet with this guy and got off the phone with him. he then texted us and said that he couldnt meet when we were and tryed to set a different time and we went ify about it so we prayed.and we felt like we should not meet with him so we texted back and told him and we bore testimony to him and he just went off on us so that was fun. we also door knocked into a lady that said she was sorry for us because we were mormons. it was pretty funny. But on saturday we went to lyndsay's parents house and had dinner with them and her brother and sister in law and grandpa. we picked up 5 solid investigators in 1 lessons it was the best lesson that i have had on my mission and it was truly by the spirit. and her family loved it! her brother prayed at the end and told heavenly father thank you for me and elder bloskas for the people we truly were and for the great guys we were and ask to know the truthfullness of the gospel it was truly amazing! things are picking up and the gospel is TRUE i can testify to you all of that! that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer! also it is a very small world our Assistant is from millard. my tranior was from richfield. Elder Jackson is from Cedar. Elder Oldroyd is from beaver we hang out with him ever p day and me and him just talk about hunting. but things are going great i love you all!
Love Elder Dunn

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 20

Lyndsay is doing good but she needs prayers she is getting hung up and things and she just needs prayers. Jerry is a new investigator that we picked up this week! he is set to be baptized on the 28th of march. he was in jail for a while and found the book of moromon there and read it twice and it completly changed his life! it is crazy he truly is prepared. elder bloskas spectacular he says and he says his family is living the dream.we have around 170 missionaries in the mission. i think that our area is still the smallest in the mission. the youth in the ward are great i get along with them really well.we got back in contact with Fred this week and he is doing better.