Monday, December 15, 2014

just an awesome week!

So this week has just been truly amazing!!! lets just start off With an Investigator we have is getting baptized on Dec 27 It is Fred KIng! he is truly prepared!!! we wanted to be baptized on Chirstmas cause he said what better day to remember Christ then on that day!!! Louie is doing ok he kinda got antied by his buddist friends but we talked him into coming to church with us again!!! so that was good! well there is so much i want to talk about but i have little time! but steve and sarah are doing truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are still progressing and we had such a great lesson with them on why they need to read the Book of Mormon it was truly awesome!!!! i think they think of me and Elder Elmer as their kids! they made us cookies and treats to take home after the lesson it was awesome i will send a picture in a min. but this week we got a referral for a Cathrine Leaf! She wanted a Book of Mormon. so we tried to stop in and give it to her. We knocked and a guy answered the door. he looked like a really rough guy he is about mid 40's and just looked mean and nasty we asked for Catherine and he said so what not there and we said we would come back later. so we went back the next day and knocked again and we could her this guy yell cathrine the Mormons are her. but he opened the door and let us in. we started talking to them and the rough guys name is mike and Catherine and her husband im not sure what his name his. we talked for about 20 mins with mostley just her husbandand the lesson was going no where then he said he had to go so he could do homework! that's when the lesson got good. mike and just been goofing of and telling jokes and stuff. and cathrine had not been talking. we had asked mike if he thought there was a God when we first got there and he would just say there is something... but that is it...then him and cathrine started to open up to us!!! i am so sorry but this story will have to be continued next week!!! President Jacobsen has asked me to stick to and hour and a half of emails!!! and i want to be obedient. i love you all and i am truly doing great!!! when i finish this story next week it will blow your mind and we and meeting with them tonight so be praying for us i love you all and you are in my prayers!

Love Elder Dunn

this is what steve and sarah gave us and our Christmas tree!

this is us with skip hyler he is one of the funniest people you will ever meet he has a come back joke for everything! o and Alyssa the little girl is doing great! we saw her again and she went home last Friday with her family!!!!!!

We had your sons ( Elder Elmer and Elder Dunn) over for dinner tonight.   They are a joy and a,delight to have in our home. You can be proud of them; they are serving the Lord faithfully.  That is Sis. Thaler, my wife, also in the picture on the far right.
Bro. Thaler

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