Monday, September 28, 2015


So this week has been really awesome! my companion is exact opposite of me but we get along great! he is a professional violinist he is super good! it is crazy our area is in south lansing which is the Ghetto i guess you could say. it is awesome! we talk to a lot of people down here and they have had super hard life but they are very humble!  the ward is great the spirit yesterday was super strong in sacrament meeting it was great!  i love serving my mission and learning the things that i have learned so far. and understand what gods whole plan for us is! i hope you all take some time to really think about and look and try to understand the plan that God has given us, and realize how amazing it truly is i hope you all have a good week! and thanks for all that you do for me!
Elder Dunn

Monday, September 21, 2015


Well we got tranfer calls this week! i am headed to Lansing to right next to PResident Jacobsen haha. This week has been great we taught some great lesson and really felt the spirit! i sure am going to miss south haven! probably my favorite area so far! it is crazy how fast the mission is going. I hope that you all realize that this life is a lot shorter then we think it is! i know that we are all here for a reason and our heavenly fathers love can help us over come anything! we are all asked to do ceratin things and sometimes they are hard but as nephi said," ... thus the Lord commanded me, and i must obey." 2 Nephi 33:15 i love you all and i hope that you have a great week!
Elder Dunn
 The Criders
 Nick and Jen Klock and Family
 Josh Kelly clock and Family

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kate and Ralph

This week we were able to teach an awesome lesson with ralph. This week we taught him about the plan of Salvation. He really liked it and he said that it made a ton of sense to him. he truly has the desire to find God and to find the right church. at the end of the lesson he prayed. He asked God that he would have more time for him in his life and that he would have more time to read from the Book Of Mormon. it was really awesome. We invited him to be baptized on November 7 and he Accepted it was really cool.
we were also able to see kate. She is 17 and is the klocks neice. she was baptized a couple of years ago. Well since then she has kinda fallen away. Just recently we started meeting with her again and she has started to read again and her countanace has completely changed. she is alot happier and is excited about the gospel. We are working with here so that she can get here patriartical blessing and go to the temple. i dont this i have ever seen a 17 year old with as much desire to learn about hte gospel then her. We as members truly have a gift with the gospel sometimes we dont recognize it until we go with out it then come back to it. then we remember what we have. i hope you all have a good week and i know that as we read the Book of Mormon our lifes are improved in way that we can not describe.
Elder Dunn

Riley Bodman's Baptism

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This week has been a pretty good one! we were able to have a baptism for riley bodfish who is 10 and from a past member family. me and my last companion started teaching him all the way up to me getting elder mills then we helped him into the waters of baptism. i actully got the chance to baptism him! it was qutie the experience! after he came up out of the water he put both hands in the air and said YES! now its time to dance! he has a lot of energy! but it was super awesome. We were also able to find a new investigator through door knocking his name is Ralph He is 24 and he has two kids one that is 2 and one that is 4. we were able to teach him this week and he is truly prepared! he said he had been praying about going back to church and to have one for his kids to go to then a couple days later we showed up on the door step. we taught the restoration and it made sense to him he then asked us if his kids needed to be baptized and we told him not yet but that he did need to. so he excepted the invitations to be baptized. on saturday Elder Mills called him and invited him to church and he said he would try to make it. after sacrament we thought that he wouldnt show up but then he did with his kids. it was awesome we taught him about faith and how we can grow our faith! then in priesthood we talked about prayer it was awesome! He asked at the end of the lesson he asked how close we thought that we were to the second coming and you could tell he was truly concerned. we helped him understand that it is not something to be scared of just as long as we are prepared. it was really cool. i hope you all know how important the gospel is and there are people that would give anything to have what we have which is the gospel. but yet we take it for granted all the time i know that i still do out here.. i hope you all have a good week and i hope that we all can remember what this gospel is and what it has to offer! Expecially through the Atonement of our savior Jesus Christ!
Elder Dunn

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Hey everyone how is it going? this week has been a lot of the same old. Door knocking and more door knocking. and a little bit of teaching. this week was good we found some cool potentials. one her name was judy we talked to her on the door step ahd talked about how God has Given us more scriptures and that he has called another prophet again today! she got really excited and said that she would love to meet again. right before we left she said he i own a restraunt just up the road and i wanna give you guys a free meall to there because i know thats what Jesus Christ did for his disiples is he fed them. it was really cool so she gave a 30 gift card to her reastraunt!.the bad news was that the next day she texted us and said that her and her husband didnt want to meet any more and that they researched online about the church (probably anti) but the didnt want to meet. when then had a lesson with an inactive family named the Emerys. they are awesome they are an older couple but really nice people he loves to hunt so we really got along. we were able to teach rylee this past week and prepare him for baptism this coming saturday! hopefully everything goes well! we also taught Kate byrd again this week and see is doing awesome! she was baptized about 3 years ago but has kinda fallen away and now she was to come back and she is making huge steps! it is awesome. Yesterday was a huge day for us! Elder Mills and I and our branch leader talked to the whole branch about project lift and how they can get involed. we did that for the two hours after sacrament! to even make it better President and Sister jacobsen gave talks in sacrament on the exact same thing that we were presenting! also we have the Stake President there and our high coucil man for the branch! it was awesome to feel of the spirit here in a little branch building! and to see everyone want to participate by serving one another in project lift! Then after that we went and had dinner at the clarks and also there was President and Sister jacobsen! we pretty much were with them all day yesterday it was really cool. things are going good here and things are picking up! i know that the gospel is true and that we all have a huge role to play in our Heavenly fathers Plan so dont let him down. love ya all

Elder Dunn

Ingrore the retard in the back of the girl flippin off the camera she is the klocks niece that they are taking care of. she is working on being respectful...

this is me and the klocks and and me on a sunday drive!