Monday, April 27, 2015

Something you never tought you would be a part of.

Well this week was crazy we taught a couple people and knocked on a lot of doors but there was one crazy experience that happened this week! 
2 weeks ago we had picked up two new investigators named Jacob and Jordan they are 20 year old twins. last week we had planned on seeing them on Friday. so we text Jordan cause he is the one that has a phone on Thursday to see if they could still meet. he said that he had moved to Illinois with his girl friend. so we asked if Jacob would still be there and he said yes. so on friday we were out door knocking and felt like we should go to Jacobs and 45 mins early. we were driving there and saw a big group of kids and one of them looked like Jacob but we weren't sure so we hurry and drove to the apartment and knocked on his door and no one answered. so we ran back down and jumped in the car to go and find the group of kids that we had saw to see if it was Jacob. we drove around Bangor which is about the size of parowan. and we found him. but he was wearing different clothes. so we stopped him and started talking to him. he said that Jordan had moved and the he could meet today cause he was going to a party. so we just told him to stay out of trouble and he left. then we saw his twin brother running across the street so we stopped him. and the second on was actually Jacob! the first one was Jordan and he played us. but jacob was like hey guys you wanna still meet today and we said yeah of course. so we went down to a park down the street. We had a prayer and started teaching him about the plan of salvation. we taught him the pre earth life, Adam and eve, the creation, our life here on earth, and the Atonement. the lesson was going really well then the spirit hit hard and it just shot through the roof! Jacob said i want you guys to know that ever since i met with you guys last week i have had this weird feeling that i just cant get rid of. i asked him what the feeling felt like and he just said it was like a burst of joy inside me!. we explained to him that that was the spirit. then he told us what had happened to him last week. this is what he said," last week i was walking home and 4 guys jumped me and beat me up pretty good. after that i felt like i just wanted to be done with everything! i was sick of life i was sick of being in the situation is was in and i was just done... so i decide i was going to take my life... i had it all planned out. i had the rope ready and i was ready to do it. my brother came in screaming and yelling and trying to get me not to do it but i had already made up my mind. we started fight yelling cause i was going to do it. then i remembered that book that you guys gave me, and something in my head told me to read it. so i grabbed the book and ran to the park that we are at right now and started reading it." at this point me and elder mafile'o were like this is crazy there is no way this is happening. then he reached across the table and grab elder m's book of Mormon and opened up to Jacob 2:10 he said " i opened the book to this scripture and it hit me and it just all made sense that everything happens for a reason and God loves me!" it was the craziest thing i have ever seen. he then told us that since then he hasn't had the desire to drink or do drugs any more. he was suppose to get kicked out of his apartment for selling drugs. but now he can stay till June and has found another place to live. he is reading the book of Mormon and he came to church on Sunday! Jacob is awesome and has a true desire to do good in life! i know that this church is true! and i know that the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel! if you are ever struggling just kneel down and pray and read some of the book of Mormon! i challenge you all if you haven't got on your knees and prayed in awhile to do it and to read some of the Book of Mormon and see how much better your day goes i hope you guys all have a good week! love you guys
Elder Dunn

This is the district and zone leaders at clementines restaurant here in south haven 

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