Monday, April 13, 2015

South Haven

Well the first week in south haven was good but different! South Haven is part beach town part redneckville! we cover the town and alot of the country surroding it! the beach is awesome and so and the members! the branch is tiny! i counted 45 people is sacrament. the town is a big tourist town. the town size doubles over when summer hits because of all the people that come from down in florida. we have already talked to a couple of people from Florida! The work here is a lot different then grand rapids! in the week i have been here we have already door knocked into like 5 former investigators with out even knowing they were formers til we dialed their phone numbers and their numbers were already in the phone. we also taught a pastor of a church and went to his bible study. after the bible study his wife asked us a question, " so i have heard and i was wondering that is it true that if you guys try to leave your church they will send people to come and kill you?" haha it was pretty funny. then they gave us a pamphlet they had been reading. it was a anti pampphlet that said crazy stuff like we worship Joseph Smith and we believe he is a modern day Jesus Christ. haha then the next day we went to an "bible Study" at a pentecostal church where they had some rocking music but no bible study.  we were able to do some service this morning and move some people out of their house. Elder Mafile'o is whooping me into shape. we are starting to lift in the morniings. he was going to play for The utes for football as a linebacker but messed up his shoulder his last high school game. but i know that this church is true no matter where you are and no matter where you go there is a church and you can feel the same spirit! i love you all and i hope you all have a great week!

Elder Mafile'o

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