Monday, April 6, 2015

1st transferes

well it has been a long week but a goo one. i figured i would transfer but we got our transfer calls early. it has been hard to leave grand rapids and to leave all the great people that you have meet here but i know that my new area and new companion will be awesome! i am going to serve in South Haven which is like a little southern California Beach town on lake michigan.and my companion is elder Mafile'o who is from hawaii. he has been out a tranfer less than me but heard he is a hard worker and likes to hunt. his weapons of choice are his bare hands and knifes so we shold get along.   there are about 4,000 people there year round but a lot of tourists from florida and other places have beach houses there! it is a small branch of about 60 but i have heard great things about South Haven and i am excited to serve there. This week we got to see a couple of good people that we havent seen in a while. we saw louie, Lyndsay, and we were able to catch up with Cassandra. Cassandra is the lady me and elder Elmer gave a blessing to her Boy Alex who had to have his leg amptutated. the elders in grand rapids are teaching her now. not a whole lot to say but i know that mission is wear i am suppose to be even though they are hard the heck sometimes i know it will make me a better father to my kids and a better husband to my wife! i know this is where i am suppose to be and i know that this church is true! i love you all and i hope you have a good week! this is my district and brother baker who was probably one of my favorite members!

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