Monday, May 4, 2015

Jack of all trades

This week was a good week we had some lesson. we did some door knocking and we did some service and thats about it. this week we did a lot of service. we roofed a house, did some remodeling on a double wide. and we did some landscaping. i also heard dirt by florida georgia line so that made the week that much better too. we had tradeoffs this week. On Tuesday me and Elder Nicholls were in South Haven door knocking. we had had some luck but not to much. We knocked on a door and a lady answered and was crying and she said its not a good time right now please leave. so we said we are sorry and she shut the door and we walked away. when we got to the end of the driveway someone came out front of the house, and said hey come back. It was the same lady that told us to leave. we came back and started talking to her. She apologized for being rude. she said right as she shut the door she said she heard one of us say Jesus Christ then see went into the living room crying and had remembered that she had just said a prayer for help from God then she said not 1 min later we knocked on her door. she said she was sorry for shutting us out. so we talked to her for about 25 mins about her and her family and how she was struggling and was super stressed out. we comforted her and got her number and left. it was truly by the spirit.  i knew we were there for a reason because two days before that i felt like we needed to drive down that road that she lived on but i didnt know why. then the next day i felt like me and elder nicholls should knock there. so we did and this is what happens! i know that the lord directs us in certain ways for a reason! i hope that you all realize that everything happens for a reason. sometimes it is hard to realize that trust me but we just have to be patience and wait til help and additional knowledge comes! love you guys hope you all have a good week!

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