Monday, April 20, 2015

South Haven

well this week was good! we picked up 5 New investigators! and we did a whole lot of door knocking. Three of the new gators we found are pretty solid. there is jordan and jacob who we door knocked into last week. they are both 20 and twin brothers we taught them the restoration and the really like it jordan asked if he could come to church! It was awesome. they live about 15 miles out of town and there are not any members that live out there so we werent able to find him a ride but hopefully next week! then there is cody. he lived with some members as a foster kids for about two years and went to church with them and went to youth conference and everything. we door knocked into him last week also and we were able to meet up with him! he is an awesome kid he is 17 and has a true desire to come back to church and to be baptized! The weather was nice this week it was around 70 on satruday! Elder mafile'o got hit up by some 50 year old black lady! she was walking out of the store and was said boy whats your name! you are hecka cute! It was pretty flippin funny! it was a good but slower week! we were also able to put on of our other investigators on date! i know that the church is true despite what everyone else says! i hope that you all have a good week!
Elder Dunn
PS lake weather is just around the corner to bad it wont be able to participate! wait im doing the lords work so thats even better!

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