Wednesday, November 19, 2014

love ya!

well hello everyone sorry that i didnt email yesterday we had our first bad winter storm!!! we got about 10 inches of snow!!! so all the libraries were closed and all the other missionaries were using the computers at the church so we didnt get to email!!! but anyway this week has been great! we were able to put an investigator on a baptisimal date for january 3!!! it was our first lesson with him! we were able to invite him to be baptized and he said yes! we asked him how he felt about it and he said that he just had the chills during the whole lesson and i ezplained to him that that was the spirit telling him that what we were teaching him was true!!!! it was awesome! his name is brandon he is around 24 he is black and going to college. we met again with steve and sarah this week and it was sweet! that morning in our studies we really studied hard about the priesthood and got really in depth about it and studied where it came from and even talked about the levitical priesthood!!! it was crazy how in depth we got but with thought it was cool. but later that day we went to steve and sarahs and we talked about exactly want we studied that morning!!!!! we went over the priesthood and got way in depth about it! it was awesome because that was exactly what we had studied!!! he did read the restoration pamphelt and thought it was great! we aree meeting with him again on thursday! well sorry that this email is so short we have an appointment that we need to get to i will try to send pictures later today!!!! i love you guys so much! i am doing great so dont worry about me thank you for your prayers!!! i am so greatful to be out here serving a mission!!!! i know that it is the right thing to do i love you all you are amazing!!!!!!!!!

love Elder Dunn
everyone i also forgot to tell you that we saw three drug deals go down in 15 mins so that was cool haha and i found out that i can go shed hunting on p days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love elder dunn

 it snowed about 9 inches in one day and is stilll snowing!

 this are my zone leaders the white one is from nevada and is my twin he loves to wakeboard surf hunt fish and shed hunt he is awesome his name is elder williams. the other one is elder de la paz he is from chihuahua mexico he is a professional soccer player he played for real salt lake from his sophmore year in high school til he left on his mission and he gave up a million contract to play soccer so he could come on his mission!!! they are awesome!!!

 we have had two firetrucks come to our appartment in two days but this one was awesome it had a neon ladder!!!
 this is louie our buddist investigator!!! today he was so funny he told me that he thought i was a comedian!!!! and he said that he was going to build a snowman with me inside of it!!! he is one of the funniest people alive!!! those are fake dreads from his hat!

 this is brother banner he is amazing and drives us around every where!! he is a doomsday guy and always tells us we are going to get kidnapped by ISIS o and here are some crazy icicles at the church from just three days of snow!!!!!!!!!!

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