Monday, November 10, 2014

Crazy Dayz

so my emails will be shorter from now on. the mission put a limit on our email time so we only have 1 hour and 30 mins to email. and nice week our p day is on Tuesday because a member of the 70 is coming to the mission. but to answer your questions im doing good! and thanks for the advice dad im glad you were able to find a good work truck! is it diesel? anyway not sure how david and dane are we have not seen them in a while. but steve holy cow is steve ready to be baptized!!!! a miricale happened with steve this week. and this is what most of my letter will be on. we meet with steve and his wife sarah a week an a half ago on Thursday and had a pretty good discussion with him and talked about the restoration with him. he really gets stuck on little details and he is stuck on how can angels or how could angel Moroni visit Joseph Smith in a bodily for and he really struggled with that. so we gave him a restoration pamphlet and I asked him to read the chapter on the restoration in the our seach for happiness book . but he said he would like to make meeting with us a weekly thing but he said he would call to schedule a time with us for the following week. so we waited for him to call us all week but he never call so we were going to give him a couple more days then call him but on Friday we got a call from the Rockford elders (Rockford is 30 mins from us) and they said that they just meet a steve that had been looking for us and trying to get a hold of us and couldn't and was really worried about us. so we said we would call him that night. we called him that night I was the one that talked on the phone to him. it was crazy!!! he told us that he thought that we were going to meet with him and his wife the day before but we never showed up. he tried to call us a bunch of time but the phone number would not go through and he said him and his wife were really worried about us/ he said they would watch the news looking for any crashed or big acciedents looking for our names!  then they said they were still really worried and kept trying to call for us but the number wouldn't work. but a miricale happened a couple hours earlier! the drove to Rockford and were looking for the eye doctors office that they were trying to get to but they couldn't find it but what they did find was the Rockford elders it was a miricale that they found them and were able to get back in contact with us. as we kept talking on the phone he said elder dunn I have a confession to make and I said ok what is that. he said he had been trying so hard to read the materials we had given the week before and he said he just couldn't and he felt like it was the holy spirit telling him not to read them. I was baffled I had no clue what to say..... so I just told him to keep praying and we would pray for him too. I hung up the phone and told my companions what he had said and we were just baffled. but Elder Elmer said I know that heavenly father has something huge in store for steve and sarah and that's why it was the adversary telling steve not to read what we had given him. I felt strongly that we needed to call steve back and explain to him that it was the adversary! but we weren't sure so we knelt down and prayed! I said the prayer and asked heavenly father what we should do. as soon as I said amen me and elder sumsion both said we need to call steve back. so I picked up the phone and called steve. he answered and I said steve we have been thinking about what you told us earlier and we know that the lord has something huge for you to do with his gospel and that it was satan trying to get him not to read what we gave him because if he read what we gave him satan knew that steve believe the things we gave him and he would believe in the gospel of Christ. as I was telling him these things the phone disconnected. satan is doing everything he can so that steve will not feel of the spirit I called him back and he told me that he knew heavenly father has a huge plan for him. he said heavenly father has saved his life before and he knew that he was put on this earth to help people and to heal people but he said that he just didn't know how quite to do that yet! he is so prepared because through the gospel he can do all of those things!!! steve is so prepared I just know that he is going to get baptized!!! but to answer your other questions the single dad and twins the dads name is brian but I cant remember the twins names but we and meeting with them tonight so hopefully that goes well. we gain our inspiration on what street to knock but first praying then studying a map and seeing which street stand out to us or which streets we are prompted to knock. slick louie is doing awesome he is really taking in the gospel and what we are teaching him. he is answering questions in the sunday schools classes and he is letting his buddist ways go little but little so that is good!!! dad that is crazy about that mustand his name is brother ferderber im not sure on his first name but I will send you his address next time. he bought an auto part busieness when it was in the hole and brought it back to life and sold it for millions I think he is in his mid 40's and retired! and no we don't have room for a dryer and no we don't need a drying rack we are ok but thanks! we went to gander mtn today it is a Michigan hinting store is was awesome haha it is crazy but I didn't buy anything haha. sounds like you all had a good week I love you all

love Elder Braxtyn Dunn 
 Elder Elmer thinking about cleaning up the mess he made.

 Getting ready for the Big Party.

 Celebrating Chey's Birthday!

 The New hunting store he found!

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