Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last day at the MTC

mom it is so good to hear from you! i am doing pretty good but im just very excited to be out in the field! i couldnt last in the mtc very much longer i would probably go crazy!!! anyway i gave a talk on sunday on the Holy Ghost and it was awesome it really strength my testimony!i pray for you everyday i love you! you will have to send me the link so i can see the blog! and i will try to send more pictures today! i sorry about your noodle soup too... i cant wait til i can see meet the mormons it sounds good we were suppose to be able to see it on sunday but the couldnt get ahold of the film or something so we could not see it so that sucks but hopefully we can see it in the field! i think that you know more about the preach my gospel then i Do! we have just gone over the lessons and how to begin teach and how to teach buy the spririt i will try to pray before i read cause i know that will help me. i dont have a whole lot to talk about today so i will try to send pictures later and email the kids back. I cant wait to talk to you all!!!!!
im not sure what time for sure i will call but probably around 7 so have everyone up by maybe 6:30 just incase we leave the mtc and 3:35 and our flight leaves at 8:50 then we have a lay over in minisota the to michigan and we should be there around 4 well i love you i hope you get feeling better and the doctor can help you i love you mom cant wait to hear from you!
love Brax


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