Thursday, October 23, 2014

1st PDAY

Hello everyone how are you all doing: how bud how was your game: lily how is school going sis parker how is school and ffa mom how are you doing are you feeling ok i hope you are i am praying for you! anyway sundays are pretty cool here at the mtc! we have a branch or a ward that consist of a total of 20 people including our branch presidents! haha is is really small and different but it is good! we were able to go to a fireside last night and watch a talk that brother bednar gave a while ago the only place you can see this talk is in the MTC it was amazing it was all about the character of Christ and how he always was serving and never was selfish mom im doing great! im sleeping so good that some times i wake up and i think that im at home so i roll over and im not at home haha that has happened a couple of times! my compaion is kinda weird i hope that is not rude to say but we teach together pretty good but we are just really different people. there is another elder in my district that i really get a long with his name is elder rugg he is from salem. he lives on a dairy farm he use to ride motocross but in 2012 he broke his neck and now he doesnt ride anymore but we have become really good friends so that is good. the food still sucks i swear i am taking a crap every day so ya that sucks! I love you all so much sorry that my letters and emails are so short but i have a lot to do i love you all!!!! o and on oct 22 is when we are leaving the mTC our plane leaves at 8;50 in the moring so i will try to call around 7 in the morning so you all better make sure that you are awake! my whole district is traveling together! so that will be nice and i am so excited for chey and her mission!!! mom thank you so much for watching out for her thanks so much i love you so much!!!!!!!! give her a big hug for me next time you see here!!!!!!!! i love you all hopefully i answered all of your questions for now i will try to send pictures soon i love you!!!. talk to you soon and when you email me do it through dear elder so i get the letter sooner o and email me too do both!!! mom could you please send me some more t shirts, and a llike ally 1 work jacket and a multi tool with like plyers on it thank you so much i love you guys!!!


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