Thursday, October 23, 2014

1st letter

Well Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing ok and everyone is good! Mom how are you feeling with health and emotional stuff too? I'm doing pretty good there is a lot gong on all the time. We are almost always learning or teaching. In the morning for a while my roommates and I have to teach ourselves for our district study time, but for most of the rest of the time we are being taught, or we are teaching investigators. In my room there are 6 of us total. We are from Utah except one who is from California. We are all going to Lansing Michigan and we all leave around the 22nd to go to Michigan. We all get along pretty good so car. My companion is Elder Pace he is from Kaysville. We don't have very much in common but we get a long pretty good. so far I like the MTC it is pretty good. Dad the food is not very good so I don't think I'm gong to get very fat here. sorry to disappoint you. So far we have heard from 4 different investigators and tried to teach them, only 1 have my companion and I taught the rest we have done as groups. So has Chey got her call? Does she know where she is going? Mom I hope you are giving her a lot of love and I hope you gave my sweatshirt to her! ha ha Well I got to go I am doing good I'm a little nervous about things but Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost are helping me out a lot! I know I am ding the right thing! I love you all and I am praying for you! Stay Strong and pray that I will be able to feel of the spirit and know how to be a better missionary.
I Love you! & miss you!
Love, Brax

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