Thursday, August 6, 2015


We had an awesome week this week! this week we had a half mission p-day! we played some kick ball with kiddie pools as our bases and also their was slippin slides in the middle it was awesome! This week we were able to see one of our investigators be baptized! Her name is Diane Jack she is awesome! the started teaching her before i got here and we have been teaching he since! she was a member before and has just made the process to come back! her testimony is stronger than ever! The spirit at the baptismal service was super strong! it was Awesome! that is the reason i am out here is to bring people closser to Christ! in any way i can! i know that i didnt do a whole lot for sister Jack a lot of it was all on her own but it was still an amazing experience! We also door knocked in to a lady this week. she didnt want to learn more but we ask if she needed any help and she said that the next day she would need help cleaning up from her yard sale. so we told he we would be back the next day to help her! She was very very grateful! so we came back the next day and helped here as i started talking to her i realized that she was having a very hard time with life and had been for a while. she told me how her and her son have lymes diesease and have hard it since 2007. She is in servere cronic pain and has been for a while at times it is very hard for her to breath and for her to do things so she was very greatful when we came over! we talked for a while about how i know one woman who had lymes for sometime and that she was able to be healed through doctors and through the power of God. she is a super amazing and strong woman! she reminded me of my Mom! i am so grateful for my mom and dad and all they have done for me! after we got done helping her she asked if she could have a Book of Mormon so we gave her one she also gave us her number and address because she was just at her families house up here! so she said that she would love to have the missionaries over that live near her! it was amazing to see how a small act of service brings people closser together and closser to Christ! there is a video on Mormon Channel under the youth section called Reach out with Love! it is an awesome video! i hope you all have a great week thank you for all your prayers!
Elder Dunn

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