Monday, July 20, 2015

The Lord has his hand in all things!

This week we had great week! it was awesome! 1st we were able to go on trade offs with the Zone Leaders i was with Elder Marley who is a big baseball player from Arizona! we had a great trade off! we taught a couple of new investigators that they had picked up! these investigators were asking great questions but in one lesson i got pretty fired up. after the lesson i learned that we need to stay calm and let the spirit work in your self and lessons and if you are angry you cant do that! This week we were also able to have dinner with Josh Klock and his family we were suppose to have a branch coordination but we decide to just invite the mission leader to the park that we were eating at with josh. so our mission leader showed up and because he did and because our mission leader is so in tune with the spirit he started talking to josh right away about the Gospel and right there josh told us all his concerns and we were able to talked them out! they next thing you know is Josh to church this sunday! it was awesome! he brought his two little girls. we had a great sacrament meeting about temples and i realized how important temples really are to everything that we do! and josh loved it also and so this week their is a temple trip to the indiapolis temple and josh and his wife have decide to go and take the kids! so pray for them that they will go!!! they lord knows how to best handle everything! one thing that i have learned this week is that the lord shows us our weeknesses so that we can humble our selves and trust in him and as we do that he will make our week things become strong!!! (Ether 12:27) the Lord is also having a baptism on August 1st it is for a Member that has decide to come back to the church! she has come a long way i have been able to work with her since i have been here and it has been an amazing experience! Her testimony and her experiences she has had and she has shared with me have been a real testimony builder for and to me! i know that this Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ is real and that his grace is their to change us and to help us become better! my favortie mormon messegaes are the ones called his grace if you havent seen them watch them and see how The lord has changed these people lifes and if he can do it for them he can do it for us all! Love you all!
Elder Dunn
Here is some eye candy for you all!!

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