Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Door Knocking

Well this week we did some door knocking and some more door knocking and some more door knocking! and taught a couple lessons. We were able to teach Josh Klock this week one on one. it was a really great lesson. We talk about Faith and how faith drives everything that we do! i think he is starting to come back but sometimes it is hard to tell. the whole family was at church on sunday so that was awesome! They are headed to utah this week to go to a wedding of a past elder so hopefully that will trigger something in them. they are super excited to go! We also had a lesson with Sis Jack a recent convert. The spirit was crazy strong during the lesson! it was amazing to see how she has changed and how she is growing in the gospel! it is for little experiences like that that make it all worth it. We talk to a family this week while we were door knocking. elder mills tried to start the conversation cause they were just sitting on the grass. they didnt say anything so i tried. and they told us they were pretty unsure about god right now. after that it all just came out. There was 3 people sitting there a grandma, a girl about my age, and a family friend i guess. as the grandma started to talk she told us about how they had just lost their grandson, friend , son , and boyfriend. He was 18. he died is a car crash 3 weeks ago. as we talked with them they had so much anger toward God that he would take him. as we tried to explain the Plan of Salvation. they just got more and more frustrated. Nothing really came out of it atleast that i know of but i was glad that i knew and that i understood the plan of salvation and that after this life it is not over! i know that God has a plan for us all what ever it may be! i hope you all have a great week
Elder Dunn
Elder Dunn and Josh Klock

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