Monday, July 6, 2015


For the most part of this week i was in lansing picking up my boy! (new missionary) His name is elder Mills he is from bountiful utah. he was born in Cedar and has family in cedar. his grand parents Gary and Marie Hayes in Enoch. He likes to hunt, likes country and has a girlfriend so we get along pretty good. Before i picked him up me and elder Houser who is another trainor worked on Michigan State Campus and had some awesome miricales! the night before we were to work there our old assistant to the president told us that we would be teaching a roosevelt. so we got his number and called him. as i put the number in the phone it turned out to be the same roosevelt that i had been teaching in south haven! we set up a time to meet with him then met with him the next day. he had gone to the dominican rebublic for a while and had meet the missionaries there then came back to michigan state to go to school and make money so his family can come over and he started meeting with the missionaries there! it was awesome to teach him again he is doing really good. the next day we were just walked around on campus talking to people we were able to talk and sit down with one student and have a lesson right there but after the lesson he wasnt really interested anymore. then we found marylin. she said we could meet with her in about 3 hours so we set up the appointment and told her to meet us at the institute building. we met her there at five and taught he the restoration it was awesome! the spirit was really strong and we invited her to ber baptized on Aug 29 and she accepted that date! it was crazy to be able to find her, teach her, and to set a date with her all with in about 4 hours!!! it was a miricale! i got to hang out with elder bloskas while i was in lansing it was pretty awesome i sure do miss my bro. well things in south haven are going steady we are really working hard with the branch to strengthen it and to work with the less actives. jada is doing great she was able to read 6 chapters of the Book of Mormon over this past week! she is on fire! i hope you all have a great week i love you all and i will send pictures next week cause i forgot my camera.
Love Elder Dunn

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