Monday, June 13, 2016

The Racoon

Hey everybody this week has been great! so we had transfer calls but i stayed here in Kalamazoo and Elder Johnson left he went up to lansing! But my new companion is Elder Turley and man it is just like me and palmer or me and bragger being companions! we are just a like and it is a great time! This week we found 4 new investigators. Sarah, miriam, carter, and Emily. They are all pretty solid and truly want to learn! our main focus right now for them is helping them to read and to meet with us again soon! Keana is doing pretty good she is slowly progress but wasnt able to come to church because she was babysitting here nephew. We are working right now with all of our investigators to just understand that as we put God first in all that we do that everything else will fall into place! I was reading in Jacob 2 where jacob is telling the nephites the importance of seeking the kingdom of God first! He then gives a promise that as we do that then we will abtain the riches and what not that we are looking for. I truly know that as we put God first in everything that We will be able to have the stuff that we need in order to live and succeed! Seeing how the gospel can bless us is defiantly something that i cant even put into words! I hope that we can all strive to do better then we did the day before, so that we may have more hope and happiness in the days to come! i love you all and i hope that you have a great week!

We also had a fun time picking up a dead racoon and putting on the sisters porch and playing a little joke on them haha!

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