Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 27th

Hey how are things going for you all?! hope things are going well this week things went pretty good I was able to go on two trade offs and one of them was a new missionary from cedar! his name is wes baker! i didnt know him but we know a lot of the same people! we had a great trade off had some fun times! we pretty much just talked about cedar the whole time! We had some great lessons this week! we have one investigator whose name is Allison and she is the bomb! She rode her bike for 1 hour to get to FHE and then on sunday she rode 1 1/2 hours to get to church! talk about commitment! She is on date for the 30th of July so we will she how things go! We also taught a guy named Ahmad and his girlfriend Daynita. He is muslim but we had a great lesson with him we talked a lot about praying! At the end of the lesson the today us that they had just got evicted and have no where to live. they are both trying to find jobs but are searching for them. We asked if we could so the pray and pray for them. so we did! The spirit was very very strong and you could deffinantly feel the faith that they had! about 2 hours later we saw them! he came running up to us and told us that one of their prayers has been answered! and that he felt something! we know that what he felt was the Holy Ghost! It was a great experience! 

I have been thinkin a lot this week about the law of consecration and sacrifice There are a lot of people who give up a lot of things just do to what i do and to have what i have everyday. And a lot of the times i just think that the things that i have everyone has. As i have gone through this week i have realized that that is not true one bit! I know that everything i have been given is from the Lord i deffinantly dont deserve it but for some reason he gives it to me! I know that as i give all i have to the lord he will bless me in countless ways! Like in the parable of the talents the Lord says " Because you have taken care of a few things, that i will make you a ruler over many!" As we live our lives in a way that what we do, who we are, and what we say all points to our Lord and Heavenly Father we will be able to find the most joy and peace and happiness that we could never find anywhere else! I sure have a long way to go but i know that as we help one another that this is possible i love you all and i can promise these things in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen
Hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Dunn

#1 call ins all sunday long!!!!!!!!!. 

#2 Super nice truck haha

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