Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring is Finally Here!

Hey everyone this week was a pretty great week! we did a lot of finding on campus and talked to quite a few people! We are teaching some awesome people that are truly prepared and or progressing! first we have blake and daniel! they are sweet they have been to church the past 2 weeks and are loving it! They really enjoy the meetings! Blake loves family history and the temples! they both know that it is true but they are moving back to home for the summer so we will have to teach them over facebook and have the missionaries back home get in contact with them! 
Then we have megan! meagan is sweet see hasn't been to church but see has been to institute quite a few times and really loves it this past week she told me that this was true! She really is ready but she is unsure of giving up some other things so please pray for her! then we have tim he is super sweet he is very considerate of what he is getting himself into and is truly searching! he wasn't able to make it to church cause he had a wake board competition down in Tennessee so hopefully this week he can make it! We also found two new really awesome people this week! one was john we pc'd into him and asked if we could meet right then and he said yes! we had a grea trestoration lesson with him! he was asking questions like if there was a living prophet and how we could find that one true church of Christ! we answered his question then were able to commit him to May 28th so hopefully he will make that date! then we meet sarah she was studying on the grass on campus and we talked with her about why she thought God created us! she said im not sure but i do believe that we all lived with God before we came here and that we are all trying to get back to him it was awesome we asked if she had 30 mins and she said yes so we sat down on the grass and taught here right there! she is truly prepared! she just asked amazing questions the whole time! This week was truly a testimony of that we are all where we need to be at that very moment in time! I know that as we put of the natural man and follow the enticings of the Holy Spirit we will become saints through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! (Mosiah 3:19). And as we become teachable, coach-able, submissive and meek to our Heavenly Fathers will we will be able to reach our full potential of what God wants us to become! i love you all and i invite you to Follow every prompting of The Spirit that you get that you may be purified and sanctified from all unhappiness in our lives! (Helaman 3:35)
Love you all

Elder Dunn
 Elder Strauss and Brax
 Brax and Elder Johnson and STL
 Elder Sauer the AP

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