Monday, April 25, 2016

Miracles still do Happen!

This week we had some awesome miracles! We are teaching a few people that are truly on FIRE!!!!! First off we have megan. we taught megan this week about restored truths and how we can truly come to know what and if This church is true! we talked about how it all weighs on the Book of Mormon. She said that she had tried to pray about it but that she felt like she had not gotten an answer. So we decdided to have her pray right there and then have her wait and try to recognize the feelings and thoughts that came to her head after she prayed. She then prayed, asked if the book of mormon what true, and then she waited... About a min later me and Elder Johnson looked up and she had tears in her Eyes!!!!! the spirit was so strong! It was amazing! we asked her what she was feeling and she said it was something that she couldnt describe! it was an awesome experience! There are many more that i will share next week! But i hope that you all know that the Power of prayer is really!  That the spirit can softens even the hardest hearts! We just have to Pray and if it is God's will then it will all work out i love you all and i invite you all to pray for someone that there heart will be softened this week and you go about your dailey schedules, and that they will soften their hearts enough to hear or the feel the spirit in what ever sapacity it may be! love you all and i can Promise in the Name and Jesus Christ that Peoples hearts will be soften because of your faith and your willingness to pray for them! 

Elder Dunn

 When the sisters find your camera!

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