Monday, February 29, 2016

This week was a pretty great week.

This week was a pretty great week! we had a lot of miracles here are there. But on i wanted to focus on was on a day that it was dumping snow! My Companion and i had been door knocking for a while and we were with out a car. We were headed back home through the snow and a car pulled over and asked if we wanted a ride! we said we would love one! so we jumped in and started talking with the guy. His name was Ian. as we started talking to him i asked if he had talked with missionaries like us before. and he said yeah i use to be one, in South Korean. This kind took me back and i didnt know if it was for another church or for ours. On our way back to the appartment and he asked us if we had had dinner we told him not really and he said why dont i take you out to get some. We went to dinner at Bob Evans and had a nice dinner with him. after a while of talking i asked if he was a member of the church and he said he used to be but not anymore. then that conversation ended there. After the nice dinner he took us home and dropped us off and said hopefully you guys have a great week and you can tell people that a crazy former member took you to dinner. we left him a card and our number and told him to call us if he ever needed anything. as we went into the appartment i thought alot about this experience. I first wondered why he had left the church or what had happened in that case? then i wondered why as a former member of the Church he stopped to pick us up? I am very very grateful for this mans Generosity to pick us up and feed us! he truly had a great heart! Im still not sure what to think about this experience but for some reason it has touch me deeply that someone, even though they have left and have fallen away are still amazing people I just hope that some day he finds his way back to the Lasting happiness that this gospel can bring! John 14:27
Elder Dunn

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