Monday, February 8, 2016

Audrey's Baptism

This week was a great week! we Had tradeoffs with the zone leaders, a lot of door knocking and a baptism. Alot of this week that i have been reflecting on is What image do i put out as a Representative of Jesus Christ? Am i striving to be a example of the believers, and i striving to be a example of what i truly believe and who i truly am? As we door knocked this week a guy from cuba let us in! we thought o great here we go! But as he let us in he showed us two Book of Mormons that he had. as we got to talking he was really sure if there was a God. but then he started to open up and talk about his family and how his house is like a temple like the ones in utah. we started to explain what God can do for our families and how they can bless us! Then he said you know i will always let Mormons into my house! because there is something different about them, and i know that they would never bring bad in to my home! the spirit was so strong!. we told him that we had to go but when we come back on tuesday we would teach him what that difference was! and he said no i want to know now! after explaining that we had to go he let us go. then he said ya know i always learn something when to mormons come over. so we asked him what he learn and he said that he learned that for some reason God had sent us to his door for a reason! we left him Alma 32 to read about how if it is a good seed it will grow Just like he is growing as he learns about this Gospel!

Audreys Baptism Was awesome She is truly amazing! she texted us last might and talked about how she felt an overwhelming feeling when to Holy Ghost was given to Her and that it was a feeling that she couldnt describe! and how she is supter stoked to go to the temple! God really Does place people in our paths for a reason! The blessing that Come through this Gospel and through Jesus Christ and Faith are inumerable! all we have to do is have with which is a belief that leads to Action in what we believe! love you all and i hope you have a great week!

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