Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kate and Ralph

This week we were able to teach an awesome lesson with ralph. This week we taught him about the plan of Salvation. He really liked it and he said that it made a ton of sense to him. he truly has the desire to find God and to find the right church. at the end of the lesson he prayed. He asked God that he would have more time for him in his life and that he would have more time to read from the Book Of Mormon. it was really awesome. We invited him to be baptized on November 7 and he Accepted it was really cool.
we were also able to see kate. She is 17 and is the klocks neice. she was baptized a couple of years ago. Well since then she has kinda fallen away. Just recently we started meeting with her again and she has started to read again and her countanace has completely changed. she is alot happier and is excited about the gospel. We are working with here so that she can get here patriartical blessing and go to the temple. i dont this i have ever seen a 17 year old with as much desire to learn about hte gospel then her. We as members truly have a gift with the gospel sometimes we dont recognize it until we go with out it then come back to it. then we remember what we have. i hope you all have a good week and i know that as we read the Book of Mormon our lifes are improved in way that we can not describe.
Elder Dunn

Riley Bodman's Baptism

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