Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This week has been a pretty good one! we were able to have a baptism for riley bodfish who is 10 and from a past member family. me and my last companion started teaching him all the way up to me getting elder mills then we helped him into the waters of baptism. i actully got the chance to baptism him! it was qutie the experience! after he came up out of the water he put both hands in the air and said YES! now its time to dance! he has a lot of energy! but it was super awesome. We were also able to find a new investigator through door knocking his name is Ralph He is 24 and he has two kids one that is 2 and one that is 4. we were able to teach him this week and he is truly prepared! he said he had been praying about going back to church and to have one for his kids to go to then a couple days later we showed up on the door step. we taught the restoration and it made sense to him he then asked us if his kids needed to be baptized and we told him not yet but that he did need to. so he excepted the invitations to be baptized. on saturday Elder Mills called him and invited him to church and he said he would try to make it. after sacrament we thought that he wouldnt show up but then he did with his kids. it was awesome we taught him about faith and how we can grow our faith! then in priesthood we talked about prayer it was awesome! He asked at the end of the lesson he asked how close we thought that we were to the second coming and you could tell he was truly concerned. we helped him understand that it is not something to be scared of just as long as we are prepared. it was really cool. i hope you all know how important the gospel is and there are people that would give anything to have what we have which is the gospel. but yet we take it for granted all the time i know that i still do out here.. i hope you all have a good week and i hope that we all can remember what this gospel is and what it has to offer! Expecially through the Atonement of our savior Jesus Christ!
Elder Dunn

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