Monday, March 16, 2015

Well whats up every one how has it been going!
Last week on pday we were able to go bowling. and i remember at how bad i sucked at bowling haha. then on tuesday we had a zone training were the zone leaders taught us how to be better missionaries. so that was good then we had dinner with one of our investigators that we have had for a while that i have forgot to tell you about. his name is david strong. he has been investigating the church for a while now. he knows that the church is true and he knows that the Book of Mormon are true. he just has a couple of hold ups. how he found the church is that he make wood furniture for the temples.! and ever time he made a piece of furniture for the temple the pieces would always fit perfectly together and they were always amazing pieces. he said one time a dove flew into his shop while he was working on a temple piece and he felt like the dove was watching him and making sure he was doing a good job then the dove just flew out. it was a pretty cool story. wednesday we went rockford and door knocked there was one guy that we got really into it on the door step it was me and elder fisher who is from provo. we had a good day of door knocking then we finished the night off with going to texas road house for a good stake and ribs. then thursday we went to rockford again and door knocked. then on friday me and elder grover and brand new missionary went street contacting in downtown down by the college and talk to alot of cool people there was one guy that we talked to for probably 30 mins and had a great conversation with him but he did not want to meet with us. then we threw the football with some kids. then we had story time with a homeless drunk guy so it was pretty fun! on friday we had a family history day were lyndsay and her parents came then we went to a baptism with our investigator jerry which got him all pumped for his baptism! so things are going good. and i also had to give a talk in sacrament on grace. that was good. and we also helped in the primary and we dressed up as prophets! i hope you all have a great week!
Elder Dunn

this is me and elder Grover   

this is me is my noah costume.
 this is elder oldroyd at the elder then elder Wilson from Arizona and me and elder bloskas

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