Monday, March 23, 2015

don't take it for granted

Well whats up everyone! this week had some disapointments but some good things to it also. the First huge disappointment was that lyndsay dropped us. she said she was going to go look for other churches. it was way hard cause we have grown close to here and it was said to see her make this decision. but I know none of the other churches are true so I am not worried about that she will come back sooner or later. well we picked up a new investigator his name is Ivanko. he is from Brazil. he has lived a very hard life but was introduced to the gospel by one of his friends. we met with him and put him on date for May 2nd. He is awesome he is 23. he fights MMA because that is what kept him out of trouble in brazil. but he is solid he came to church and it was awesome we are meeting him this week again and hope to help him progress toward baptism. other than that things are slow and we are just trying hard to find new investigators and help people understand that they need that restored gospel. we also went to the Lamb of God which is like a musical and that was good! but I know this gospel is true I know that every person we talk to we do it for a reason! things are hard but they are worth it. I hope you all realized what we truly have with this gospel and with the Book of Mormon! don't talk it for Granted! I hope you all have a good week
Elder Dunn

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