Monday, February 23, 2015

Staying in G Rap

well we got transfer calls on friday and i am staying in grand Rapids for another 6 weeks! i am excited! it has been good here! the ward is awesome and so are our investigators! one thing that did change is that our area got bigger! so we not cover the city of Rockford Michigan as part of our area not too! that will be nice cause its out in the COUNTRY! so we can do some COUNTRY knockin! with all the old timers and farm boys! im stoked! but everything else is doing good! lyndsay is doing great she just called it of with her fiance cause she wants to put her faith first! she is sweet! Fred is struggling we caught him smoking. so thats not good. but everything else is doing great! it has been frezzing cold this past week! it dropped below 0 a couple of times! last week me and elder bloskas went and bought some ropes and on our free time at night after planning and on pdays we practice our ropin! and we rope brother banner he gets a kick out of it haha. he says we suck but i think we are pretty good! the work is progressing though in Grand Rapids the ward is starting to get in that missionary mind set which is a huge step for the ward! things are looking bright for the future! in the last year the ward has had 4 baptisms from missionaries and 3 of them have been while i have been hear! i know none of it was me it was all the lords work! because this is his work! i know this is where i am suppose to be! even though things are rough sometimes i will learn though my downfalls and shortcomings and the lord will make up for the rest! i love you all! thanks for all that you do!
love Elder Dunn
 This is a member of their ward that was baptized awhile ago and had the opportunity to go to the temple this last week


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