Monday, February 9, 2015

4 Months Down and an Amazing Baptism

Well whats up everyone! this week i was able to experience my first baptism and it was sweet i wil get to that in a min. The rest of the week has kinda been slow and a little different for some reason but it was good! we were able to see our investigator fred this week! and we were able to put him on a baptismal date again for Feb 21st the day after transfer calls! all he has to do is come to church next week and get re-interviewed and he is ready to go! if you all could please pray for him to make it to church and have the desire to do so that would be great! and if you could pray that his work schedule would work out so he can be baptized and confirmed that would be great too! So to Ethan's baptism! it was awesome! Ethan decide to be baptized against his parents will! he told us that why should he wait to be baptized and there is no reason why he should what to do the fathers will. so he called and told his parents and they pretty much cut him off. well he keep pressing forward through persecution and was baptized! know every thing is falling in to place little by little. his parents are talking to him again. they are talking to him about college and what might happen but they are starting to realize that he is their son and that they love him. Ethans girlfriend came from BYU to support him and so did her family who live in Ohio. his girlfriends dad was able to baptize him and that was really great! It was qutie and amazing experience to see how much the gospel truly means to him. i know that i use to take this church for grated but seeing how much it means to others helps me realize how much the gospel truly has played a role in my lilfe and that it is something that i should not take for grated! pictures are to come! i love you all and i hope you all have a great week! i will be emailing you this friday because me and elder bloskas and brother banner are going to the temple friday and that counts as our p day. so make sure you email before friday!

Elder Dunn

another sweet thing this week was we met frank! this is brother banners daughters dog he is huge and 150 pounds and he is only 3!

this is the missionaries who started teaching him and who baptized him! and his girlfriends family

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