Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday

Well whats up everyone?! it has been good to here from you guys every week! a couple of cool things happened this week! lets start off with our new investigator named Terignon ( terry-on). He is Awesome! so Elder Elmer and Elder Peterson met him last week and terignon had some sweet questions. his questions were everything that we answered like- why do we praise Jesus is God is the Father?, what is hell? where did we live before this earth? How do we know what is Truth and is the bible is true? and he just had all this great questions. so Me and Elder Bloskas taught him this week and it went really good we didn't have a whole lot of time but it went great! We told him that this church is the true church and that it is the church that Jesus Christ sent up 2000 years ago when he was on this earth! then he said I have a question, what was happening here is the Americas 2000 years ago! and we said well we have an answer for that! ( The Book of Mormon). it is really cool and he is truly prepared for us to find and to teach! we finally got back in touch with Fred! is was awesome. so fred really hasn't been him self since after the baptismal interview! he lost that light that he had and he lost the drive that he had and he was just a completely different person! he even looked different to me! well we finally got a hold of him again and we were able to me with him! it was a great lesson it was a lot on hope and perseverance! and at the end of the lesson Brother Goats ( high priest group leader)  ask fred about what he thought about getting a blessing. and fred said yeah I think that would be good! so we gave him one. brother goats gave it and in the blessing it said fred be uplifted and regain the light you once had! and as soon and Brother Goats said Amen. Fred was back he was happy he was laughing and he had regained that light that he once had and it was amazing! he came to church on sunday and he still wants to be baptized soon he just wants to make sure he is ready. so another sweet thing is I don't know if any off you remember ethan valentine if not he is one of our investigators. he has been meeting with missionaries for about 8 months. he knows the church is true but he is having a hard time with getting baptized cause if he does his parents said that they would cut him off from his college funds and pretty much disown him. well elder Bloskas was talking to him yesterday while I was taking investigators home and he was kinda joking with him saying so you are going to get baptized soon right and you just tell me when and it would take about  3  hours to feel the font. and ethan said well I almost will take you up on that offer. and Elder Bloskas said k well when do you not have track meets and ethan said the 31st of January and 7th of February. and ethan said well the 6 of February is my birthday so it would be cool if we did it on the 7th. so elder bloskas said ok the 7th its is. and then Elder Bloskas said all joking aside do you really think you could prepare yourself for that day and be baptized and ethan said yes I do! it was awesome! so ethan is going to call his parents soon and tell them that this is what he knows he needs to do and this is what God wants him to do! and just go from them it is awesome! well another thing is we watch a coulpe drug deals go down this week. pretty much everytime we go down town we see them happen. only this week we saw them do down 10 feet from us. and the guys that made the deal saw us and thought we were the cops! so he can over to us and asked if we were 5-O we told him no we weren't then he asked us for 10 bucks and we told him that we didn't have 10 bucks. and brother banner was with us. then this guy started rippin into us and saying horrible stuff about brother banner . well I open my mouth and said you know what man.... then I stopped and the spirit said close your mouth and walk away. so that's what i didn't. we just walked back got it the car and drove way! it was awesome! well it has been a pretty evenful week i love you all and i hope you guys all have great weeks! i know this church is true! and i know missions are flippin had but it will be worth it is the end!
love Elder Dunn

i found the geo the other day!!!
and this is the crew!

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