Monday, January 12, 2015

a new adventure

this week has been really awesome! and have been able to see a lot of miracles! first things though look up Barbara Ann Pawson on facebook and she post pictures of all the missionaries in the stake! she is from the Wyoming ward! she is awesome the first picture of me I am with elder Derricott he was the assistant to president Jacobsen when I got here and now he is my zone leader! he is awesome! so this week we were able to see some really cool miracles. number one- the little girl that has cancer we were able to go and see her this week again she was in the hospital again. we went and visited here and started talking to her family cause we had not heard from them in a while. so as we were talking to them they keep telling us thank you for all the prayers that we have said for Aylssa the little girl! Then they said this.... We know that the prayers have been working! we wanted to tell you that 8 days after she had been diagnosed with Lukemia the doctors ran test on her and her cancer was down to 1%! they said that the doctors have never seen anything like it in their lifes before. That's when me and Elder Elmer remembered that the day after she had been diagnosed with cancer was the Day that we gave her a priesthood blessing! and in that blessing Elder Elmer told her to be healed!!! I have such a strong testimony of the Priesthood! I know that it is the power of God to Act in his name! Next was the mom of the little boy who has cancer! the little boys name is alex and his mom is casandra. and wholly crap! I have never seen anyone with as much faith and such a good heart than casandra does! it is amazing I cant even describe it! she is looking for a church to join and she just loves us! she wants her son to be baptized and wants him to grow up strong in a church! it was cool to see the spirit touch her when we were there she was just balling! well I cant really remember all the other miracles that happened I forgot my planner to look them up haha
Tranfers so we got our transfer calls on Friday. when president Jacobsen called I was actually in the bathroom and Elder Elmer didn't think to tell President that so I was trying to talk to him through the door well president realized what was going on and said he didn't want to talk to anyone who was in the bathroom and said he would call back. so when he called back he told elder that he was going to traverse city and that I was staying there and that my new companion would be Elder Bloskas. Elder Bloskas is awesome I am staying here is grand rapids and he was already serving in the ward just a different part of grand rapids. it was kinda weird that they did it that way but that was how it happened. I have been on trade offs with him before and we had actually talked about how we would have a good time if we were companions! we get along great already and I think we will have a couple of baptisms for sure this transfer! Elder Bloskas is from Texas he is a convert of about only 1 year and 1/2 ago! he has a pretty crazy story he is out here on a mission against his parents will. his dad is actually a minster for the Church of Christ. so he parents did not want him to be baptized and kinda disowned him. but his parents have come a long way and are doing great now and don't disown him and are really warming up to the Gospel it it really cool to see! I am excited for this transfer and I know that this church true!  I am glad to be out here on a mission even though it is hard I know it will be worth it!
I forgot to say. louie is still the same still coming to church. fred is not doing good we have not had contact with him all last week. we have found some new potential investigators but we will see!
Love Elder Dunn
 this is anthonys truck the potential investigator that we found by his truck
this is how it goes down it grand rapids michigan

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