Monday, September 12, 2016

Miracles upon Miracles

This week was awesome we taught so many people we have 5 people on date right now that are all solid and are progressing!
The one i want to talk about is Tucker and Melonde. Tucker is a less active who is on the College Basketball team. we have been trying to get incontact with him for a while and we finally got in contact with him about 2 months ago. when we did it was right when his Girlfriend started asking questions about the church. It was perfect timing! She was telling him about how she wished that they could be together forever, and he said well actually that is possible we believe that in my church. So we met up with them the next day and started teaching her! 
On friday last week it was our third lesson with them and we had been praying and thought that it was time to try to put her on date! We started the Lesson by talking about where she was at with things and how she was feeling. she said she still didnt understand what was different between our church and other churches. This is where tucker jumped in! he started talking about what made our church different and bearing his testimony! this was the first time he had done this in all the lessons! there was a different spirit there then usual. after he answered her question we started finishing the plan of salvation. It went great then she asked the most perfect lead in question to baptism. "I want to live with God in heaven! what do i need to do to get there?" and we told her baptism was that first step along with reading and praying to know if these things are true! She said well i want to be baptized! then tucker looked at us and asked, " what does someone have to do to be able to baptize someone?" we told him then he looked at melonde and said if i become worthy and we start going to church then i can baptize you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" HOLY CRAP it was the coolest thing ever! the spirit was super strong! then tucker came in again. he said, " mel the only way i will baptize you is if you know for your self that this church is true. I dont want you to be thinking o my gosh this is so cute that tucker is going to baptize me. I want you to do this for yourself you have to start reading and praying so you can find out for sure if this is true and this is what you want!" it was amazing ! we bore testimony them then asked them to both prepare them selves to work towards the date of oct. 29th! Looks like i will be coming back to michigan sooner then expected! haha. The both said yes and they both came to church on sunday. During sacrament i was sitting next to melonde and tucker was teaching here about the sacrament and also showing her pictures of the temple in detroit! it was pretty amazing and cool to see! then after sacrament tucker asked me if i thought that the branch president would have time to meet with him and melonde. and i told he for sure so he went up and asked him and they went staight to his office! things are forsure moving forward in the work of salvation here in Kalamazoo and im super glad to be a part of it! love you all and thank you for all your prayers! hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Dunn

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