Monday, July 18, 2016

Great Week!

This week was a great week! a lot of things have been happening for us! we have been able to find new investigators and contact some old ones! We also got to go the temple on Saturday with the branch and the sister and had a great time! The Best part of this week was teaching Aly. Aly is a sweet girl that we met about 2 weeks ago. When we first started talking to her she had told us that she was a member of our church but didnt really agree with the doctrine. we still asked if we could meet with her and she said sure. We met with her at the first of last week and kinda just got to know her. She was super funny and cool. We asked what made her want to sit down with us, since she had passed up a bunch of missionaries before and she said that she just felt something different. God truly prepares people!!!!!! we had a great lesson with her just getting to know her thinking it was a less active lesson and at the end she said. ya know there is just something different about you guys. and she asked are you really FLDS......? We were like no way! And she said o my gosh you dont know how big of a relief that is! she said my mom is flds and i thought thats what you guys were and i was feeling like this was true and i thought o no im going to have to become FLDS haha we had a good laugh about it and set up another lesson. We taught the restoration a couple days latter and had a great lesson. She accepted everything! the next time we saw her we just talked she told us about how her and her fiance called it off because of some things that happened one of the big reasons that she called it off was because she would support her meeting with us! She asked about baptism and committed her to pray about it and she brought up that she needed to come to church to know if this was true! she brought it up herself! it was crazy! she came to church on sunday and absolutley loved it! she made a great friend with one of the members! She had already read the intro of the Book of Mormon and up til chapter 9 in First Nephi! it was awesome! She called us after church asking about how the Atonement works and how she can repent! then Later that night she called the member friend and they talk for 2 hours about the church! we met with her today and had a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement! she is Super Solid! God really does prepare people for us missionaries and members to find and help teach! she has set a date for august 6th! please prayer for her! she knows that it is true but she is having to give up a lot of friends and family to make things work out! pray for her strength!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you all and i hope that you can have amazing weeks! and be grateful for the Gospel that we have in our lifes! love ya 

Elder Dunn
 Birthday Temple Trip!

                      This is at the Temple with the Branch and Sisters and at Texas Roadhouse!

This is what the sisters gave me for my birthday because im trying to look good for when i get home! and because there is a crazy member that calls me the king when we go to there house for dinner.

                        This is me and my comp with Elder Banham who was getting transfered. 

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