Monday, March 21, 2016

Trade Off Week

This week me and my comp had trade off week we did 3 trade offs through out the week with the district leaders and their companions. Things went really good. I was on Trade off in an area that hast been doing pretty good. we decide to go out and door knock in a town that has about 2000 people if that in it. And we were able to have some miracles. We picked up three new investigators who just let us right in the door. There were are super cool and solid they had all had prior contact with the church and were willing to meet again. The Lord truly does prepare people no matter where they are at!.One thing i have study a lot on this week is the importance of studies. Just think Everything we hear and everything that we know has come from one sort of studies or another. Just think where would we be is Joseph Smith never would have studied. Where would we be in we never took the time to work things out in our minds and study them then ask Good for an answer! i hope that we all can remember the importance of our studies and apply them into our daily lives i love you all and i hope you have a great week!

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