Saturday, December 5, 2015

Turkey Week

This week has been really good! Our investigators are doing pretty good. bryan and sam are struggling getting to church. But Audrey is doing awesome! we taught here this week about the 10 commandments and about keeping the Sabbath Day holy! it was an awesome lesson! she was at church yesterday and she loved it! she does very very well on applying things into here life and understanding the scriptures! she is truly amazing! I know that she will be baptized in the future. she has a little boy who is 4 and his name in noah and holy cow is he a handful! It is awesome to see how his attitude is changing because she is praying with him and reading scriptures with him it is awesome! this week I have had time to reflect on what God and Jesus Christ have done for us and holy cow we can not thank them enough! but  a scripture that I have come across this week was Ether 2:12 . We really do live in a choice land here is the Americas! We can be free from Bondage and captivity if we just Serve God and Jesus Christ. That  one way that we can show that we truly do appreciate what they have done for us! whether it is through physical service or through spreading the Gospel! Even those who live is Utah can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have found an unmeasurable amount of joy by Serving those around me and even those I don't know. I challenge you this week to find something out of the ordinary to do and serve someone whether physical or spiritual cause either way it will bless them! I promise you that this is that one true church of Jesus Christ! and nothing anyone can say or do will change that! I hope you all have a great week! love you all! 
Elder Dunn
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